RVS Staff Engagement Session

Oct 5th, 2018 - Division Wide

Introduction: Greg?

  • Welcome. Today: 3 phases
  • 1) The 4YP: Past, Present & Future + Divisional Narrative
  • 2) Digging Deeper: What do students need? How are we currently meeting those needs? HMW meet them in new ways?
  • 3) Critiquing the Plan: Provide feedback about the narrative, goals & outcomes.

The Process: Greg?

  • So far, we…
  • Today, we’re going to…
  • Later we’ll…
  • Let’s start with the Narrative <VIDEO>
  • Goal statements: CAN & Outcomes

Digging Deeper: LD Team?

  • Year in Review: 2017-2018 Animation
  • Get in conversational groups of 2-4. What do students need? Generate 3-6 insight statements: Ss need _____ so that _____.
  • Put your insights on Post Its & post each to an Outcome statement. If no Outcome aligns, post it to “Other.”
  • Divide into 7 groups (one for ea Outcome + Other)
  • Group and distill these needs, and each person take 1.
  • 3 lane Placemat: Write the outcome & need across the top. Middle lane: how are we meeting this need currently? Bottom lane: how might we meet it more fully? Populate “yours” and others with Post Its.
  • Return to “yours” & curate the need & 2-3 notes in each lane in Chaordix.

Critiquing the Plan: LD Team?

  • Review the Narrative, goal statements (CAN) & outcomes
  • Get in conversational groups of 2-4. Discuss what you like about the elements. Describe what you might add, subtract or change.
  • Populate feedback into Chaordix.

Wrap Up: Greg?

  • Thanks everyone! You’re great!
  • Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to…