Collaboratively designing oppor-tunities for students to make, create and do things to foster innovation, collaboration and problem solving. 

September 28th – University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design

09:00 Arrival Cassio AB (MacEwan Student Centre), introduction & coffee.

09:10 Essential Question: How might we design outdoor public spaces to meet the needs of Albertans? Empathy interview in pairs.

09:30 Add insights to Knowledge Commons.

09:35 Ethnographic Research, Break & Walk and Talk Protocol. Using Field Notes Tool, interview EnvDes grad students, survey “folks on the street,” observe U of C public spaces, draw insights into public spaces and public need.

11:00 Inquiry consolidation: Add to the Knowledge Commons and sort insights into common themes.

11:15 Scaffold for infographic creation. Develop a visual Infographic sharing of findings around your theme; example Recreation. Download some TEMPLATES

12:00 Lunch in Mac Hall

12:45 Critique & Revision of infographics.  Please submit your finalized graphic to Janelle Phillips at so we can have them ready for your physical model on Day 2.

1:10 EnvDes Facility Tour. Discipline in action.

2:10 Graphic Jam: Choose an element that you might want to incorporate into your upcoming design of a public space; for example Seating. Everyone in the group will rapidly sketch and brainstorm some ideas around this concept: benches, logs, rocks, sculpture

2:30 Design time: in your school pairs, each partner will design a rough sketch of their public space proposal toward meeting the needs of Albertans. Share your ideas, and try to create a consensus design that you create as an architectural model on our next day together.

2:55 Feedback on the day: “I like.. I wish… Ah ha!”

3:00 Depart.

October 17 – Rocky View Schools Education Centre Airdrie

08:30 Coffee and Sharing the Published Inquiry Infographics

08:45 Welcome and Agenda for the Day; review the big idea

09:00 Create a RIG Model; “How will your public space meet the needs of Albertans?” – based on your research and infographic

09:20 Critique & Revision of Inforgraphic and RIG model; “What needs are being met by my public space?” – GASP

9:30 Flocking & Foraging for Materials

9:45 Assembling your assets, creating your model & Coffee Break

11:00 Walk & Talk 

11:15 Revision & Final Touches 

12:00 Lunch & Exhibition of Model and Infographic – Catered by Good Earth; Assorted Sandwiches and Garden Salad

12:30 Review Aspirations and Goals. What resonated with you about this experience? What would you like your students to know, do and be?

12:45 What opportunities are present in your community or curriculum that will work with this project? Make. Create. Do. – (Project Pitch Tool)

1:15 Critical Friends Protocol; “I like…” “Have you thought of…” “Here’s a resource…”

1:45 Introduction to our visual Instructional Design Framework. See exemplars.

1:55 Building your Instructional Design Template. Cut and add your Project Pitch elements to your design.

2:50 Design Team Assemblage: Based on your timeline, team needs, geography, grade etc……
WHO is in your Design Team?
WHEN would you like to meet next?
WHERE would you like to meet (your home community or here)? 

2:55  Cohort Feedback Quadrants: Do the Project Day at the U of C, Design Day in Airdrie, The Instructional Design Framework Visual, Other

3:00  Departure


Critical Friends Instructional Design Day – TBD by Team

**You can book a half day or a full day – Please bring your Project Pitch Tool and your Instructional Design Framework**

08:30 Meet at Ed Centre, in Design Team’s home community or other relevant location

08:35 Reviewing your plan to date. Critical Friends Protocol – Big Ideas, Deliverables, Exhibition (Project Pitch Tool); “I like…” “I wonder…”

09:00 Brainstorm 3P’s – People, Places, Problems

09:30 Revision and continued planning

10:15 Exemplar / Hook – “How will you engage your students right from the start?”

10:30 Break

10:45 Timeline – choose deliverable and exhibition dates using the IDF, plot key elements in your plan

11:15 To Do list and identifying tools or assets for this unit.

11:30 Tool Time Protocol 

11:45 To Do List, Follow up Date

12:00 Departure (half day) or Lunch (full day)

Making Learning Visible Day and Planning your Exhibition – TBD By Design Team

**2nd half day or 2nd half of full day**

08:30 Meet at the Education Centre, in Design Team’s home community or other relevant location

08:35 Empathy Interview; Share your plans to date

09:00 Making Learning Visible: Who are the stakeholders in this learning and how will you make this learning visible to them?

09:15 Adding MLV elements and benchmarks to the visual instructional design.

09:30 Exhibition Ideation & Revision

09:45 Walk & Talk Protocol; 5 W’s for Exhibition

10:45 To Do List Revision – Assign MRP’s

11:00 How are you going to communicate your plan to admin? – What is their role?

11:10 Continued planning

11:45 Next Steps: Share significant dates and plans. Communication plan for admin. How might we support your initiative? What role might the learning department serve in sharing this learning to your stakeholders?

12:00 Departure or Lunch



Exhibition of the poster presentations and architectural models to our community partners and school community.
Infographic Posters sharing what we’ve learned about the needs of our community
Architectural Models sharing a potential solution to meet the needs of our community