EEVE Values A Culture of Belonging

How might we design a House System for our school that engages students, gives them opportunities to makes connections, and gives everyone a sense of belonging?

The "Whys" & "Whats" of Our Houses

A Short History:

“Rebranding,” visioning, and creating our pillars
Ron Clark Academy

Why Houses? 

How does a house give a sense of connections & belonging?
How can houses be used?
What are some “best practices” observed by other schools?


  • A plan for our student roll out day with roles & tasks, & timelines in place.
  • Thematics: Who decides our house names? The criteria for them? Totems? Symbols? Behaviors?
  • Thoughts on point systems, distribution & record keeping.
  • Some ideas for an end-of-year house celebration.
  • Critique, concern, & potential pitfalls.