Big Idea: A Learning Commons is the hub and the heart of the school; a place for teachers and teacher-librarians to collaborate to build inquiry learning and critical thinking skills in students; a place for technology integration and experimentation; a place that is ‘owned’ by students and staff alike.

Driving Questions: What does a Learning Commons look like, sound like and feel like?

Goals: Collaboratively explore what makes a collaborative, inspiring and engaging Learning Commons.
– Effect real and measurable change in the Elbow Valley Elementary Learning Commons to benefit the whole learning community.

Deliverables: An action plan for prototyping several changes in the space, with follow up and feedback.
– A Timeline which includes actions, reflections and intermediate deliverables.
– A follow up design day to review feedback and plan forward.

March 13, 2017 Agenda

8:45am Arrive at Cooper’s Crossing

10:45am Arrive at the Calgary Girls’ School Lakeview Campus

12:15pm Lunch- Debrief the visits, share insights into what is a Learning Commons, what is the shift?

1:00pm Arrive at Elbow Valley Elementary School

1:15pm Knowledge Commons: What is a Learning Commons? What would we expect to see, hear and fell in our Learning Commons? What are our aspirations for the space?

1:30pm Brainstorm possible initiatives, products, and actions.

1:45pm X, Y sort Impact and Feasibility

2:00pm Choose and implementation planning: MRP, Timeline, Budget and Measurement or evidence collection.