Big Idea: How might we use Augmented and Virtual Realities to engage students and enhance education?

Driving Questions: What are AR and VR?
What have we done?
How might we use these technologies in our different teaching contexts in NS?

Deliverables: A shared understanding of AR and VR technologies.
A Brainstorm and Pitch for a potential use of these technologies in your classroom.

March 1, 2017 Agenda

3:30pm Introduction

3:35pm What is Augmented Reality? What do you need?

3:40pm What are some common uses for AR?
Consumer Vehicle HUDs (Heads Up Displays) since 1988
Garmin Head Up Display
RideOn Ski Goggles

3:50pm How i’ve used AR with students
Augmented Reality in the Wood Shop
Grade 7 Augmented Reality and Canadian History

4:05pm What is Virtual Reality? What do you need?

4:10pm What are some common uses?
Flight Simulators
Gaming: Steam and Playstation

4:15pm How we’ve used VR?
Google Earth Spheres (360 photos)
Facebook and YouTube 360 Videos
VR Tour of the Circulatory System grade 11 bio
Design the Impossible Field Trip

4:30pm Brainstorm and Pitch- How might you use AR or VR in your current teaching role? Think about your context, brainstorm without constraints how you might increase student engagement and meaningful curriculum implementation using these technologies. Please share you ideas back to the group chat. I would like to bring some of your ideas to our division.