Big Idea: Supporting teachers to create learning engagements that make learning visible

Driving Questions: What are the upcoming learning engagements that I can redesign to include a collaborative and creative approach to showcasing student learning?
How might we rethink our learning opportunities to be more engaging, creative and productive?

Goals: Intentionally design or redesign how promote how students can showcase their learning.

August 28, 2019 Agenda

1:00pm About us
– #rvsed

1:10pm Designing and Sharing Powerful Learning
– In your teams consider the products of learning that might be created this fall. What areas of curriculum might intersect? What could be a great project or manifestation of the learning that we can share with the community? Student Led Conferences? Our School? 
– You may subdivide the larger group based on these conversations. Are there logical groupings that might take this to the next step? Are there collaborations emerging? 
– Using the Pitch tool on chart paper/s ideate some possibilities for the fall. Consider the 4 quadrants of the pitch tool and the guiding questions. *This is not a binding contract to deliver this learning! This is an opportunity to talk as a team about the possibilities for the fall and how we might share the learning. 

1:40pm Share back to staff
– Listen for GASP, and other opportuities to follow up with colleagues, share resources, ideas and experience. 

2:00pm Choose your own adventure