The Maker Movement Design Cohort


Site Visits for Inspiration

Bright Works: An extraordinary school. Everything is interesting. We can Create Anything.
 Read about ‘The Arc’
– Go to the Press section and watch the different TED talks by Gever Tulley

d.School: Institute of Design at Stanford
 Take a virtual Crash Course in Design thinking
– Visit the K-12 Lab
 Check out the Teacher’s Guild

AutoDesk Pier 9 MakerSpace
 Pier 9 Workshop on Vimeo


Inspired by Brightworks

08:45 Arrive at Brightworks

09:00 School visit and Immersion Protocol

12:00 Breaking Bread: Sharing Insights and questions from the tour.

12:30 Brightworks Cont.

3:30 Sharing: I like, I wish

6:00 Dinner and Deliberation

Design Day Two

08:45 Empathy Shopping

Discussion protocol: Why I chose these for you…

09:15  Build: Big Idea • Inquiry Focus • Driving Questions

Make it Real | Make it Visible | Make it for Everyone

10:35 Critical Friends Protocol

11:50  Maker Space Updates

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Critical Friends Protocol with feedback requests.

01:30  Build

02:30  Build and To Do List Development

03:00 Making Learning Visible and Visualize the process