Agenda- September 28, Cochrane Ranche

08:30am Introduction to Rocky View Geographic – Goals & Illustrated Learning Journey

09:00am Reflection on Inquiry – Empathy Interview Tool

09:20am Inquiry: “Why is Cochrane Ranche important?”

09:30am Photography & Interviews in Cochrane Ranche

10:45am Reflect on Inquiry

11:00am Synthesize Your Data – Individual & Collaborative

11:40am Plan Your Investigation – iSearch Planning Tool

12:00pm Lunch

12:40pm Reflection on Project Based Learning – Empathy Interview Tool

01:00pm Looking at Exemplars & Co-Constructing Criteria

01:20pm Rocky View Geographic: Cochrane Ranche Teacher Edition – Getting Great Images

02:30pm Photo Sharing & Selection

02:45pm Titles & Captions – Draft, Critique & Revision Protocol

03:00pm Reflect on the Learning Journey

03:30pm Departure

Day Two Agenda
RVS Education Centre • Tue Sep 29, 2015

08:30am Photo Gallery Walk • Find Your Design Space

08:45am Looking at Exemplars from Canadian Geographic – Big Ideas

09:10am The Big Idea & Driving Questions behind your classroom edition of Rocky View Geographic

09:30am Critique & Revision Session

09:50am Draft your Illustrated Learning Journey

10:15am Break

10:30am Prepare to Pitch – Inquiry

10:45am Inquiry Critique Protocol

11:35am Inquiry Revision

12:00pm Lunch

12:40pm Looking at Exemplars from Canadian Geographic – Style & Layout

01:00pm Illustrated Learning Journey – Project Based Learning

01:30pm Prepare to Pitch – PBL

01:45pm PBL Critique Protocol

02:35pm Break

02:45pm PBL Revision

03:15pm Next Steps & Feedback. Documentation Plan for Introduction to Magazine

Learning Specialist Site Visit Publishing Deliverables & Scheduling FOIP Release Forms

03:30pm Departure

MLV Day: Assembling the Magazines

08:30am Welcome Back

08:45am Empathy Interview: Student engagement, project support, working with community partners…

09:15am Writing the Draft for the Making of Article for our magazines

09:45am Share your draft with your interview partner

10:00am Break

10:15am Lucid Press Template: Building the cover, table of contents and Making of Sections

12:00pm Lunch

12:30pm Lucid Press Layout and Magazine Design

1:00pm Gallery Walk and Borrow Protocol

1:30pm Revision and Adding student work to the magazines

2:15pm Publishing Plan Google Sheet

3:00pm Share and Feedback

3:30pm Departure