Design Accellerator

September 19, Shane Homes YMCA

Big Idea: The Rocky View Learning Department supports teachers and leaders who have innovative ideas and provides opportunities for them to collaborate on current initiatives and to inspire new ones.


  • Be Fully Present
  • Bring a Creative Commons Mindset
  • Adopt a beginner’s mindset
  • W.A.I.T. Why am I talking?
  • Take Risks and Fail Forward
  • Make Learning Visible

Driving Questions

How might we enhance our current and future practices as designers of powerful learning opportunities for students?


Firsthand exploration of design thinking processes and protocols.

Collaborative development of innovative educational practices


Multiple ideations of innovative practices for classrooms

Declaration of project through MLV Badge (Spark Post, description and dynamic content links)


9:00am Introduction, coffee, selphies. Norms for our work together

9:15am Declaration Tool and Gallery Walk

9:30am Move in and Design Time.

10:45am Critical Friends Protocol. Individuals pitch their idea and receive feedback.

11:15am Design Time 2.0

12:00pm Lunch at the Half Hitch downstairs.

1:00pm Show off illustrative exemplars. Create Declaration and MLV Post
– SPARK Post
– Noun Project (make your own icon)
– description
– dynamic content links

3:00pm Share MLV Declaration

3:30pm Exit pass and roll