Guiding Questions

What were the findings from the November 23 Superintendent Working Committee?

What are the design implications going forward?

How will we share the strategies with the division to receive feedback?

What evidence or formative measures might we collect to inform and iterate the strategic plan?


To develop the new Rocky View Strategies

To share the draft strategies with the school division

To involve multiple stakeholder groups in the development of the 4 year plan

To make the strategic visioning process collaborative and transparent


A video asset sharing the strategies of our next 4 year plan

Draft evidence and measures

8:45am Coffee and Networking
9:00am Introduction
– Findings and Design Implications
– Process map and Annual RVS Design Process
-Share Design Stategies
9:15 In the same groups from Day 1
Connect your Nov 23 conversation to strategies
9:45am Knowledge Commons
Gallery Walk & Coffee
10:30am Consider actions for LEARN

Wildrose A

11:05am Gallery Walk Windows & Group

10:10am Purpose, Goal & Consider

10:20am Drafting Tool 

10:50am Critique and Revision from other group

11:30am Draft script into Google Doc

 Critique & Revision from Greg, Angela, Dave and Josh

Wildrose B

10:00am Contextualizing the Strategies

10:45am Critique and Revision with Scripting Group

11:00am Keeping our eye on the strategies.
– What evidence might we collect or look for when assessing this strategy?

11:30am Critique and Revision

12:00pm Lunch
12:45pm Production
12:45pm Focused Learning Walk Design Tools
3:30pm Departure