Driving Questions

What are the draft Goals, Outcomes and Strategies in our next 4 year plan?

How will these impact and evolve the work we lead in Rocky View?

How might we consolidate and share our work as a department for meaningful reflection and growth?


Build shared understanding and reflection on the 4YP process and draft Goals, Outcomes, and Strategies.

To collaborate on action plans for modelling the strategies and a process for school education plans.


12:00pm Dave Morris: Updates and important items

12:30pm Review of the RVS 4 Year Plan draft Goals, Outcomes and Strategies

12:45pm Breakout Team Reflect and Build Insights for L.E.A.R.N. to share back to the department.

1:10pm Action Plan template

1:30pm 2019 Team Action Planning incorporating the strategy insights.
– Submit your action plan/s to your director. These will be shared and consolidated among the directors and Associate Superintendent of Learning.

2:00pm Next steps and Departure
– January 16 Team Leadership Meeting
– January 18 Specialist Meeting: Reflection and Planning
– March 22 Reflection on Action Plans and planning for June 5 RVS Gala