Big Idea: There are many ways to approach good learning design, and the myriad frameworks often claim the be THE way to do learning. Today’s approach will honour the many ways that learning can be constructed, bringing process and collaborative tools to help generate a learning plan that suits each person’s unique style, curriculum, and approach.

Goals: To get a taste for an instructional design process that is collaborative, visual, and considers many systems for constructing learning.

A provocation for a learning design that can be contributed to by many members of the school community and used as a vehicle for generating ideas and sharing them around the school.

Dec 3rd, 2018 Agenda


The Pedagogical Rainforest. What makes for a “good” learning design? What are the ties that bind the many frameworks that have emerged over the years?

Pitch Tool: Brainstorm your big ideas, deliverables, community partners and ideas for exhibition.

Instructional Inventory: Further refine your ideas into some potential components of the learning.

Scope & Sequence: The “Lanes” or An Illustrated Learning Journey