Driving Questions

In light of the Superintendent Design Team on Instructional Design, how might we develop, share and lead an instructional design process that honours student voice, designs for meaningful and rich curricular experiences, student reflection for growth, and inclusive practices?

How might we enhance our current and future practices as designers of powerful learning opportunities?


Revise the Curriculum Taxonomy graphic that answers the WHAT we teach.

Reflect and Revise the graphical organizer activity/ deliverable.

Review the LEARN Continuum and Learning Models.

Next steps for leading instructional design in to 2019-2020.

Agenda: April 05, 2019

12:30pm Review the Specialists Meeting

  • Feedback on the Phenomenological Improv. Revision Ideas?
  • Feedback on the Taxonomy graphics. Review the gathered visuals. Revision ideas?
  • Feedback for the concept improv and graphic organizer activity. Revision Ideas?

1:15pm Review the feedback from the session. Worked well, tricky, our needs, school needs?

1:45pm Next goals and directions for the committee. What PL opportunities might we explore?

2:15pm Looking ahead to leading instructional design in RVS in 2019/20.