Design Cohorts

A Learning Design Cohort takes you on an immersive, hands-on professional learning journey to collaboratively design and implement an inquiry and project-based learning experience for your students. These experiences feature a community partner to support authenticity, built-in scaffolding for you to make learning visible, and exhibitions of learning to provide purpose and audience for your students.

Learning Design Cohorts 2018/19

RVS Citizen Scientists

A Citizen Science collaboration between scientists and Rocky View Schools to contribute research and evidence for real-world problems.

Curiosity Cohort

Curiosity, community, STEAM and more. Get inspired by Beakerhead with us on the afternoon of September 19. If you’d like to continue with this cohort to design STEAM learning in your classroom, join our Idea Incubator on September 25.

Create your Own Instructional Design Cohort

Our 2018/19 Design Menu has a variety of offerings that follow a learning design process. Choose the elements of instructional design that you’d like to join. Choose a sequence, choose an aspect, or join us to showcase and celebrate student stories and work at a Gala.

Learning Design Cohorts Archive 2017-18


Design immersive User Experiences for an audience.

RVS Productions

Publish stories that matter in Rocky View Schools.

Maker Challenge

Design and Fabricate Innovative Solutions to Complex Problems.

Living Local

Explore, Connect, and Create with our Community in Mind.

Learning Design Cohorts Archive 2016-17


Interpretive Trails in Rocky View

Architecture Challenge

Designing better communities

Canada 150

What it means to be Canadian on our sesquicentennial.

Learning Design Cohorts Archive 2015-16

“Writing speculative fiction to inspire sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

“Publishing the stories of Rocky View’s communities and ecosystems.”

“Becoming engineers through hands on designing, building and making.”

“Student action for our community and planet.”