Agenda – Day 1 – Tue Mar 1

08:30am  Arrival, sign in and name tags. Build your instructional design trifold template. Contribute to the PBL Knowledge Commons. 

09:00am Introduction: RVS Instructional Design Cohorts, Change Maker Agendas, Important Dates, Change Maker Project Details. 

09:20am Looking at Exemplars: 
- What does it mean to be a Change Maker? 
- What are the ways Change Makers make change?
- Post to the Knowledge Commons

09:40am  Empathy Interview with RVS Change Makers

10:45am What needs to be Changed? 
- Jennifer Janzen from Alberta Tomorrow
 iSearch Inquiry Tool

12:00pm Lunch Provided

12:30pm How could I make a change? Group Ideation

12:50pm How could I make a change? Prototype development: Create 3 possible actions you could take to make change. 

1:15 pm Pitch protocol: Share your ideas with a partner. I like, I wonder?...

1:40 pm How could I make a change? Choose the most promising action and create your Declaration 

2:00pm Contribute, Gallery Walk and Add to your trifold. 

3:30pm Departure



Agenda – Day 2 – Wed Mar 2

08:45am   Make it Real pitch and Critical Friends Protocol

09:15am Revise and Build time

10:15am Coffee

10:15am PBL Knowledge Commons: Contribute, Gallery Walk and Choose an Element of 'Make it for Everyone' that you will use as your lens for feedback to your critical friend groups. 

10:45am Trifold sharing with Make it for Everyone feedback from Critical Friends. 

11:25am Revision and Build Time

12:15pm Lunch Provided

12:45pm Assessment, Reflection and Parent Communication

1:00pm Make it Visible Feedback: Co-build on your trifold Assessment, Reflection and Parent Communication stickies

1:45pm Tool Time Protocol

2:40pm Revise and Build

3:00 pm Next Steps

  • Class Visits March 16
  • Data we need from you (# of Students, Community Partners...)
  • Podcasting PL April 4
  • Exhibition

03:30pm Departure


Agenda – Day 3 – Mon Apr 4

08:45am Introduction to the Day 

09:00am Sharing your Change Maker experience in partners

09:15am Exploring Podcast exemplars: Share your favourites. 
- The Make A Difference Podcast
- Inspire My Kids
 CBC Canada Reads
 ColeyCast: Grade 5 class podcast 
  The Immigration of Room 121: Fifth grade at McGlone Elementary in Denver
- CBC Podcast Network Page 

09:45am Adding to the Knowledge Commons and Gallery Walk

09:55am Script Development Tool: Outline the Story

10:10am Podcast Concept Development: Build the Content

10:35 Script Development Tool: Story Board your Script

10:45am Coffee Break

11:00am Quick Write your podcast script

11:20am Script Critique and Revision in partners

11:30am Revision

11:45am Intro to Garage Band and setting up your podcast. Simple editing and production tips

12:00pm Lunch Provided

12:30pm GarageBand and Recording your Podcasts

1:15pm Critique and Revision of the Podcast: G.A.S Protocol

1:35pm Publishing your Podcast
- Publish your podcast to your school folder. This folder contains the episodes of your podcast. 
- Create separate teacher folders in your school folder to create different podcasts. 

1:50pm Planning the podcasting in your school

03:15 pm Next Steps

  • Sharing your Podcasts
  • Project Timelines
  • Podcasting Support and PL

03:30pm Departure

Change Maker Cohort Assets

A link to the Change Maker assets Google Drive Folder used in the cohort including tools, thinking charts, images and more. 


Risk Taking

Be Fully Present

Creative Commons

Learn from Failure


Make | Create | Do

Embrace Ambiguity

Assume a Beginners Mindset


Iterate, Iterate, Iterate