Collaboratively designing opportunities for students to make, create and do things to foster innovation, collaboration and problem solving. 

September 26th – Glenbow Museum & Stephen Avenue Mall Calgary

09:00 Arrival & Introduction: What does it mean to be Canadian at our sesquicentennial?

09:10  Inquiry: Glenbow Museum facilitated inquiry

10:20 Inquiry: Gallery Exploration: Using Ethnographer’s Field Notes Tool. What do we as Canadians keep, carry and value? What insights about the Canadian identity can be drawn from the curation of artifacts at the Glenbow Museum?

11:00  Inquiry: Share with your table groups and brainstorm themes. Knowledge Commons: Saturate and post your insights.

11:15 PBL: Photography Scaffolding.

11:30 PBL: Practice photography skills by shooting a roll of film & Lunch: Consider the question posed this morning as you explore downtown by walking Stephen Ave, visiting City Hall, or touring an art gallery. Take photos that represent the themes that were uncovered this morning. See map.

1:00 PBL: Return to Glenbow. Prune & Pick against the criteria for a powerful photograph and how the photo connects to the Canadian identity at our sesquicentennial.

1:15 Inquiry: Write a draft of your artist statement using the Artist Statement Tool.

1:40 Inquiry: Critical Friends Protocol 

2:15 Inquiry: Critique & Revision. Send finished photo and artist statement to

2:25 Virtual Learning Walk: Feral Horses Inquiry, Rocky View Geographic

2:35 Brainstorm: What do we want to see in the hearts and minds of our students?

2:45 Feedback on the day: “I like..” I wish…” “I wonder…”

2:50 Departure

October 12th – Rocky View Schools Education Centre Airdrie

08:30 Coffee & Exhibition: Gallery walk the images and artist statements.

09:00 Welcome and Agenda for the Day. Q&A – Cohort Exhibition.

09:15 Review Aspirations and Goals. What resonated with you about this experience? What would you like your students to know, do and be?

09:40 What opportunities are present in your community or curriculum that will work with this project? Make. Create. Do. – (Project Pitch Tool)

10:15 Break

10:30 Critical Friends Protocol“I like…” “Have you thought of…” “Here’s a resource…”

11:00 Introduction to our visual Instructional Design Framework. See exemplars.

11:10 Building your Instructional Design Template. Cut and add your Project Pitch elements to your design.

12:00 Lunch Provided: Assorted sandwiches and garden salad from Good Earth Cafe.

12:30 Balancing your plan: Sequence what the students will Make, Create and Do; on the top portion of your IDF plan out the steps for your unit/project.

1:15 Add community partners in both the Inquiry and PBL phases.

1:30 Pair & Share: In partner groups share your instructional design so far, how are you going make this learning visible? and What evidence will you collect? GASP

2:00 Revise and continue your design.

2:30 Design Team Assemblage: Based on your timeline, team needs, geography, grade etc……
WHO is in your Design Team?
WHEN would you like to meet next?
WHERE would you like to meet (your home community or here)? 

2:55  Cohort Feedback Quadrants: Do the Project Day at Glenbow, Design Day in Airdrie, The Instructional Design Framework Visual,

3:00  Departure


Critical Friends Instructional Design Day – TBD by Team

**You can book a half day or a full day – Please bring your Project Pitch Tool and your Instructional Design Framework**

08:30 Meet at Ed Centre, in Design Team’s home community or other relevant location

08:35 Reviewing your plan to date. Critical Friends Protocol – Big Ideas, Deliverables, Exhibition (Project Pitch Tool); “I like…” “I wonder…”

09:00 Brainstorm 3P’s – People, Places, Problems

09:30 Revision and continued planning

10:15 Exemplar / Hook – “How will you engage your students right from the start?”

10:30 Break

10:45 Timeline – choose deliverable and exhibition dates using the IDF, plot key elements in your plan

11:15 To Do list and identifying tools or assets for this unit.

11:30 Tool Time Protocol 

11:45 To Do List, Follow up Date

12:00 Departure (half day) or Lunch (full day)

Making Learning Visible Day and Planning your Exhibition – TBD By Design Team

**2nd half day or 2nd half of full day**

08:30 Meet at the Education Centre, in Design Team’s home community or other relevant location

08:35 Empathy Interview; Share your plans to date

09:00 Making Learning Visible: Who are the stakeholders in this learning and how will you make this learning visible to them?

09:15 Adding MLV elements and benchmarks to the visual instructional design.

09:30 Exhibition Ideation & Revision

09:45 Walk & Talk Protocol; 5 W’s for Exhibition

10:45 To Do List Revision – Assign MRP’s

11:00 How are you going to communicate your plan to admin? – What is their role?

11:10 Continued planning

11:45 Next Steps: Share significant dates and plans. Communication plan for admin. How might we support your initiative? What role might the learning department serve in sharing this learning to your stakeholders?

12:00 Departure or Lunch


Beautiful art and an artist statement sharing what it means to be Canadian at our Sesquicentennial published in a professionally created coffee table book, and exhibited publicly in our school community.