Growing Futures

Growing Futures is a new exemplar of authentic, immersive learning in Rocky View Schools. The goal of this program is to provide students with a learning environment that fulfills all core learning outcomes while immersing them in a culture of sustainability, animal husbandry and agriculture.

Growing Futures is anchored by relationships with key community partners who provide students with opportunities to engage in agricultural, entrepreneurial and sustainable practices. Community partners offer at-the-elbow expertise, materials, land and learning spaces that ensure a safe and appropriate learning environment for our students.

Growing Futures is designed for middle and secondary students (Grades 8-12), opening initially with grades eight through ten and growing into upper grades in subsequent years. Two full-time teachers support students in the program, which is designed as a cross-graded, interdisciplinary curriculum in which learners fulfill outcomes for all core subjects, with significant emphasis placed on hands-on learning and immersive experiences. This program operates on an alternative calendar that facilitates the spring, summer and autumn rhythm of the growing and harvesting seasons.