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What themes are you exploring in your school?
Select from the following themes and create an essential question to consider and reflect on through the course of the site visits.
Learning Spaces, Inquiry and PBL Pedagogies, Building a narrative for your school, Learning by Doing, Student Ownership, Student Documentation of Learning, Role of the Leader, Role of Teacher, Role of Student, Role of Parents, Community Partnership…. more? 

November 11
9:00 am Pre- Meeting   Site Visit Planning:  What are we going to look for?  How are we going to document and collect during the visit?

11:00am Exploratorium Site Visit and meeting: Documentation and Reflection.

1:00pm Walk and Talk Protocol Continued reflection on the tour, and beginning to consolidate and organize reflections into insights from the Exploratorium. What inspired you? Has this visit helped you consider your own design challenge? Are there new questions or insights for the school tour? How might we further develop a partnership through these site visits?

November 12

9:00am School Tour Immersion Protocol A process of observation and collection.

14934891060_d2938a054612:00pm Breaking Bread Protocol with Gever Tully Sharing lunch with the founder of Brightworks.
Prompt: Consider how this leader articulates the vision of the school.

4:00pm Debrief: Synthesis Creating Insights Statements: The process of distilling out the major themes and insights from the site visit and organizing them into themes or looking for patterns. What, Why, Wow. When possible you want to move an observation to an insight by articulating the why for the action or belief, rather than stating an observation without the why.For example: the participants preferred to work at the tables. (what) Participants preferred to work at the tables because of the natural light and proximity to the coffee (what and why)

Sharing Your Insights and documentation: Sharing our insights to the broader #rvsed community and to the tour host using Instagram. Sharing back to the school will help to further develop a partnership.

November 25: Follow Up Meeting:

30- 45 minute Empathy Interview: Themes and Essential Questions you brought to the tours and brought back to RVS, critique and revision on the site visit process and protocols, and how the learning department can support your work going forward.
How might the insights yield innovation in your context? How has this site visit contributed to your practice and school?

Continued Design: What are your next steps? See the DIY Section for inspiration in planning your next steps