08:30 Self Reflection- Revisit your tweets/photos/notes – document insights on sticky notes
08:45 Find Themes– Reorganize insight statements into emergent groups
09:00 Name Themes- Use the format: “Students need ……”
09:15 I Wish Collaborative Brainstorm” using themes (each theme on a different sheet)
09:45 Find Themes– Look for common concepts in ideations and name concepts
10:00- Analysis – Utilize a two axis framework with Impact on the vertical axis (profound at the top, insignificant at the bottom) and Feasibility (less on the left, more on the right)
10:30 Break
10:45 Evaluate- As a group consider preferred alternatives to pursue
11:05 Plan- In groups develop a Prototyping Plan for your concept
11:25 Critique- Critical Friends Protocol 
11:45 Revision
12:15 Next Steps