1. To undertake a formal review on the current status of inclusive practices in the jurisdiction. Optimally, the review will include but not be limited to: jurisdictional and school profiles of student needs, school and staff capacity, school-based collaborative problem-solving processes, identified gaps in service delivery, and external supports and services.
2. To develop an Inclusion Framework, that should include, but not be limited to essential conditions, continuum of supports model, supporting research, instructional resources, assessment standards, professional learning requirements, a recommended school-based implementation plan, and budget considerations at both the jurisdictional and school levels.
3. To recommend performance measures for the goals and outcomes of the plan.
4. To review and make recommendations to the LEARN Continuums.


The ground rules for collaboration:

  • Be Fully Present: put 100% of your focus on the task at hand and sequence to tasks in a row, as opposed to splitting your focus on many tasks simultaneously. AKA: Mind Your Device.
  • Adopt a beginner’s mindset: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” Suzuki, Shunryu AKA: Park Your Title
  • Embrace Radical Collaboration: Lean in, take risks, get creative, embrace discomfort and have an awareness of your role in creating an engaging atmosphere. AKA: Hear as well as Be Heard
  • Assume Positive Intent: We all come to the work with unique experiences, biases, and assumptions. But we also come to the work with the best intention for for children and student learning. AKA: Disagree Productively

Driving Questions

What is our shared understanding of Inclusion (Social & Academic)? How might we develop tools and practices that help the people within (and the stakeholders around) our system to understand and advance on a continuum of practice toward inclusive education?

Agenda: April 3, 2019

1:00pm Wildrose A,B all Design Teams meet and Call to Order. 
1:10pm Approve the agenda (modified)
1:11pm Review the mandate letter & 4YP Documents, deconstruct the ask. 1:20pm What is our understanding of inclusion?
Free Write
Pair Up
Knowledge Commons
2:00pm LEARN Surveys and the LEARN Continuum. What does this tell us about perspectives on Inclusion in schools? – LEARN Survey Inclusion
2:40pm Now what?
+ How might this design committee dig more deeply into our mandate, current practices, and resources both within and beyond Rocky View?
+ What supports might our schools need going forward?
+ What will the work of our next two meetings be?
2:55pm Nominations & elections of school-based Chair and Vice Chair.