Big Idea: The Rocky View Learning Department supports teachers and leaders who have innovative ideas that re-imagine the possibilities for learning and provides opportunities for them to connect with each other to collaborate on current initiatives and inspire new ones.

Driving Questions

What are the initiatives and priority areas in our school?
Who are the stakeholders connected with these?
What resources or supports are available to support the work?
What are some of the processes and tools used in Rocky View in Instructional Design?


Visualize and map the different strategies and stakeholders that drive the learning in our buildings.
Expand our instructional design toolbox
Familiarize ourselves with the different divisional supports available to all staff for leadership, design, support and more.
Model professional learning


Learning Department Supports map
School Map identifying important initiatives and stakeholders
Instructional tools and vocabulary for leading teachers through collaborative design for learning.

November 28, 2018

9:00am Welcome and Introductions

9:10am School Mapping Activity
– Priority Areas
– School and Divisional Initiatives
– Stakeholders connected
– Star Your Areas of influence

9:40am Learning Department Road Map and Department Descriptions
– Add to your Map

10:10am Coffee Break

10:30am Instructional Leadership Scenario

11:00am Instructional Design
– Instructional Coaching Questions
– Pitch Tool
– Instructional Inventory
– Illustrated Learning Journey and Learning Design Process.