Southern Alberta Inspirational Schools Tour Agenda

D McWilliam, J Phillips, S Martin, J Ness, D Morris, A Penner
November 3rd & 4th, 2016

Big Idea

Progressive educational practices can be found in many schools and districts throughout Alberta.  Cross-pollination of ideas and methods benefits all of our students.

Driving Question

How are innovative practices in the Prairie Rose and Medicine Hat School Divisions impacting student success and how might our work in Rocky View be inspired by them?


Observe and understand innovative practices centered around the themes of inquiry learning, PBL, environmental design, maker spaces, and inclusion.


Documented reflection of insights from the trip with potential recommendations to policy and/or 21C team offerings.

A short documentary capturing the journey and the outcomes that are derived from it, possibly including scenes from classroom settings in Rocky View implementing programming that was influenced by this trip.


Be Fully Present


Assume a Beginners Mindset

Question First


Thursday, November 3rd

8:30 am  Convene in East Calgary, depart.

10:15 am  Arrive in Bassano.  Meet staff & tour Bassano School.  Observe Patient Care Simulator, explore school-based strategies for student success.

11:45 am  Depart (grab road hoagies).

1:30 pm Arrive at Isabelle F Cox School in Redcliff.  Meet staff & tour school.  Explore themes around makerspace, outdoor education, physical environments.

3:00 pm Depart IFCS.

3:30 pm Arrive at Medicine Hat College.  Tour Makerspace MHC.

4:15 pm Day 1 reflections & insights.  Inspiration to vision casting.

5:00 pm Hotel check in, dinner.

Friday, November 4th

8:30 am  Arrive at Crescent Heights High in Medicine Hat.  Meet staff and tour school.  Explore HSR strategies, including “flex” time and repurposing physical space.

10:15 am Depart CHHS.

10:30 am Arrive at Dr. Roy Wilson Learning Center.  Meet with staff and tour school.  Explore PBL-centered practices.

12:00 pm Depart RWLC. Possible lunch meeting with PRSD in Medicine Hat or Dunmore?

1:30 pm Depart for Calgary.  Day 2 reflections & next steps en route.