Four Year Plan Committee Meeting

October 31, 2018

Big Idea: The Rocky View Schools four year plan outlines a process for shared learning and visioning where lead measures guide the development of prototypes for teaching and learning and stories inspire the division.


Shared vision for the SWC
SWC Video and Activity Update and strategy
Using the Feedback from the Oct. 5 Idea Quest as feedback for the Narrative, Goals and Outcomes


Storylines/ Insights from the Idea Quest Infographics
Next Steps for Sharing the Video and SWC activity to yield quorum
Invitations to Learning Department Specialists for SWC
Terms of Reference for the SWC
Strategy for producing and sharing the infographics to all stakeholders

Agenda: October 31, 2018

1:00pm Updates

1:15pm Review Idea Quest Data
– What do we see?
– What is not there?
– Surprises?
Teacher Effectiveness Framework Background

  • Share the infographics in a variety of ways. Printed for the Ed Centre Wall, added to the revision booklet, downloadable through that can be printed on 11×17

1:35pm Storylines and Insights
– What are some through lines between the infographics?
– How will we meet the needs of teachers and learners in Rocky View?

2:05pm Revised Narrative, Goals and Outcomes
– Multiple points of feedback include: activities, October 16 Community Partner Engagement, School Council Feedback, Education Centre Feedback, Direct feedback from Stakeholders.
– Process for consolidating the feedback
– How and when will we share the revised assets with all stakeholders including the process that honours their contributions?

2:30pm Superintendent Working Committee
– Logistics and composition
– Role and Deliverables
– Timeline

3:00pm Next steps: 
– Communications- Learning Department

Draft- RVS Idea Quest Overview
Draft- CONNECT: Students are resilient, healthy, safe, and respectful of diverse cultures and traditions
Draft- CONNECT: Students engage in real-world, hands-on learning experiences that matter to them.
Draft- ACHIEVE: Students are literate, numerate, and acquire core competencies.
Draft- ACHIEVE: Students meet high expectations and learning objectives.
Draft- NETWORK: Students demonstrate ownership of their learning, while collaborating with their community.
Draft- NETWORK: Students make a difference in their life, school, community and the world.
draft- OTHER: Insights statements that did not fit in draft goals and outcomes.

Superintendent Working Committee

  • Representative group of administrators, teachers and divisional leaders
  • Meeting November 23 and December 6 2018 for strategy development
  • Budget for subsistence, release, publishing and supplies required

The Superintendent Working Committee is tasked annually to analyze and interpret the Idea Quest data to identify emerging themes, priority areas of focus, and influential practices.
The committee is comprised of the MRP, (director) Specialists, and a group of administrators and teachers from RVS who will reflect on measures, refer to strategies and develop specific actions and measures as the action plans.
The committee is tasked with development of the annual “Action Plans” for the following year based on Idea Quest Empathy. This process mirrors the School Education Planning calendar.