Design Thinking for Moving Forward with High School Redesign

Leslie Owen and Josh Hill
October 1st, 2015

Big Idea

There are many great ideas in this room.

Driving Question

How can we build capacity at the jurisdictional level to move forward high school redesign?


Utilize design thinking tools to meaningful collaborate, create new knowledge and connect our networks.


New ideas and network connections to help you with an issue or opportunity you face in moving forward with high school redesign.


Risk Taking

Be Fully Present

Creative Commons

Learn from Failure


Make | Create | Do

Embrace Ambiguity

Assume a Beginners Mindset


Iterate, Iterate, Iterate


1:00 Introduction- Who we are and how we work

1:10  What are our most pressing challenges and opportunities? –  Empathy Interview

1:30  What ideas can we share?   – I Wish Collaborative Ideation

2:10 What network connections can support further learning? – Gallery Walk 

2:25 Closing