• Speak and Act with Positivity
  • Be Accepting and Open Minded
  • Collaborative Growth


9:00am  Review Norms

9:15am  Review Goals from November design day

  • add where you think you are on the continuum
  • feedback on what worked, what was a challenge, new hacks
  • where should we focus our attention until June?

10:15am  Coffee Break

10:25: Sharesies

  • major takeaways from recent PL and how it applies to our context

11:30am Leading and Learning in an Immersive Environment: A.E. Bowers 2019/2020 School Year

12:00pm Lunch

12:45pm Design Time

1:30pm Critical Friends Protocol

1:45 4YP and Design Time

3:00pm Wishes for Next Year

3:30pm Au Revoir