Superintendent Design Team on Professional Learning


1: 00 Call to Order

1:05 Election of school-based chair and vice chair

1:10 Approval of Agenda



1: 15 Establish norms

  • “Writing norms helps to create groups that are able to have honest discussions that enable everyone to participate and be heard” Pat Roy, Director of Delaware Professional Development Centre
  • reflect on behaviours you consider ideal for a group, write your thoughts on index cards
  • review all cards, group similar ideas
  • name groups
  • review the proposed norms-determine if the group can support the norms


1:25 Enforcing the Norms

  • “The reality is that every group will violate every norm at one time or another. So you have to talk about violations and how you’ll deal with them.” Pat Roy
  • How would we like to be notified that a norm has been violated?
    • Examples
  • It is the role of everyone to enforce the norms


1:35 Review mandate letter and operational parameters

  • Post your Initial thoughts/questions/comments under each bullet of our mandate



1:45 Review 4YP Goals and Outcomes


1: 50 LEARN Survey

  • Take a few minutes to read over the survey data and begin to fill in your LEARN Survey data tool
  • In small groups, discuss your analysis
  • Share back to the larger group


2:05 LEARN Continuum

  • Read over the LEARN Continuums
  • Consider Professional Learning you have facilitated or participated in this year. Where does it fit on the continuum?
  • Discuss your findings in small groups
  • Share back to the larger group


2:20 Beginning to Define our vision for Professional Learning Rocky View

  • Taking your reading, discussions and experiences into consideration, complete this sentence:
    • Professional Learning in Rocky View Schools is ___________


2:30 Pam’s Suggested Reading/Viewing

  • What research should we all be familiar with for the work of this committee?


2:50 Next Steps

  • Pitch your idea
  • What is happening in other districts? Other provinces? Other industry?