Day 1: Journey 2050 Classroom in the Nutrien Western Event Centre in Stampede Park

8:45 Coffee

9:00 Introductions, 3 Day Scope & Agenda for today

9:15 Introduction to Journey 2050 with Austin Lang

  • Resources on site and online
  • past Sustainable Action Projects inspired by Journey 2050

11:30 Sustainable lunch with Chef talk provided by Journey 2050

12:15 What is positive food citizenship?

1:00 How can you create positive food citizenship?

  • Positive Food Citizenship Tool
  • Design Time

1:45 Critical Friends Protocol

2:15 Check in with Austin to measure your design against the sustainability barrel! 

2:30 GASP

2:45 Departure

Day 2: Design Commons with RVS Design Team (Location TBD)



Day 3: Your Field Trip Day at Journey 2050