• Be Fully Present
  • Bring a Creative Commons Mindset
  • Adopt a beginner’s mindset
  • W.A.I.T. Why am I talking?
  • Take Risks and Fail Forward
  • Make Learning Visible

Big Ideas

What is our connection to food?

Where does our food come from?

How is food

  • connected to culture?
  •  a value statement?
  • connected to resource stewardship and sustainability?


9:30 Arrive at Cuisine et Chateau’s Interactive Culinary Centre 103, 227 – 10 Street NW
Calgary T2N 1V5

9:45 Setting the Table: Introductions, Themes for the day

10:00-11:45 Cooking Demo/Hands on lesson

12:00 Lunch

1:15 Walk and Talk Protocol and Debrief (If weather is not great for walking and talking we can do this at Mat’s Diner or Hexagon coffee shop)

2:30 Exit Pass and Depart:  I Like, I wish, Aha, What if