RVS Learning Design

We work with teachers and leaders in Rocky View Schools to define the learning needs of stakeholders and to collaboratively tackle design challenges. Our bias is toward action and learning by doing followed by reflection on experience. We begin with field experiences in order to develop empathy for the people for whom we are designing and to uncover the needs we want to address. Through ideation, we develop a range of solutions, and then create prototypes to test in the field. We share our insights and experiences with our broader community through storytelling.

RVS Learning Design

Design Cohorts

Immersive, hands-on PL workshops that bring Teachers together to design inquiry and project-based learning experiences that are real, visible and for everyone. Click the icon to learn more and register for a Learning Design Cohort.

Design Incubators

A day of collaborative design to actualize your innovative ideas about designing engaging learning experiences for your students. Click on the icon to learn more and register for a Learning Design Incubator.

Design Commons

Join the fellowship of innovative Teachers & Leaders to further develop your prototype for school redesign within a climate of creativity and innovation. Click the icon to learn more and see exemplars of Learning Design prototypes in RVS.

Design Thinking

These sessions for Leaders employ a number of design-based strategies to generate meaningful solutions for your context. Consult the RVS PL Registry for Design Thinking Sessions for Administrators.

SEP Design

Develop a vision and pillars for your School Education Plan with a consultation protocol for stakeholders and a plan for implementation. Register for the SEP Design Workshop for Administrators on Mar 6, 2018.

Staff PL Design

Collaborative design to create an action plan, tools and protocols for enriching the Professional Learning of your staff. Administrators may contact the Learning Design Team to arrange a design session.

What Learning Looks Like in RVS

Inspiring stories from engaged learners.