RVS Learning Design

Leveraging design thinking to facilitate Innovation in Rocky View Schools

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Our Professional Learning Opportunities offer you with time, space, process and a group of fellow inspiring Rocky View Teachers who support you in bringing your learning designs to life.

The following workshops are facilitated by the Rocky View Learning Design Team and substitute release is covered by the Rocky View Learning Department. Speak with your administration prior to registration.

Join the fellowship of innovative Teachers & Leaders within a climate of creativity and innovation to brainstorm and begin the stages of the design process with time and support from the Learning Design Team

Immersive, hands-on PL workshops that bring Teachers together to design inquiry and project-based learning experiences that are real, visible and for everyone. Click the icon to the left to learn more about our design process and register for a Design session by clicking on a image below.

Rocky View Schools celebrates innovative and inspiring work. Share your work at one of the #InnovatorsCAN Galas, or explore other opportunities to share your learning. Click an image to learn more. 

Fall Idea Incubator

September 18, 2019- Location TBA

Fall Design Commons

September 19, 2019- Location TBA

#InnovatorsCAN Dec Gala

December 3, 2019- Location TBA 5:00-7:00pm

Future Schools

Rocky View Future Schools are innovative prototype schools that change the way kids learn. By designing authentic learning experiences for students to demonstrate their understanding through place based experiences, we believe students will be more engaged, successful and audacious in life.

Design Thinking

These sessions for Leaders employ a number of design-based strategies to generate meaningful solutions for your context. Consult the RVS PL Registry for Design Thinking Sessions for Administrators.

SEP Design

Develop a vision and pillars for your School Education Plan with a consultation protocol for stakeholders and a plan for implementation. Register for the SEP Design Workshop for Administrators on Mar 6, 2018.

Staff PL Design

Collaborative design to create an action plan, tools and protocols for enriching the Professional Learning of your staff. Administrators may contact the Learning Design Team to arrange a design session.

Inspired by...

Explore inspiring contexts, spaces, classrooms, schools and districts. Unpack and contextualize your experiences together through conversation. Click the icon to see the RVS PL Registry Calendar for opportunities.

That combination of thought and action defines creative confidence: the ability to come up with new ideas and the courage to try them out.

Tom Kelley

Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All

The RVS Four Year Plan

Make it Real  | Make it Visible  | Make it For Everyone

Learners are Successful

Learners are literate and numerate, build 21st C competencies, skills and knowledge, and take ownership of their learning. 

Learners are Engaged

Real-world, hands-on learning experiences engage learners. Innovation and effective practices enrich learning. Partnerships enhance and fuel learning. 

Learners are Supported

Learners feel well, safe, valued, and respected. Learning is accessible, individualized, and challenging. Student-centered decisions propel achievement.