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Leading and Supporting Rocky View Schools in designing learning so that Innovators CAN: 
Connect with their passions interests and people, Achieve their potential and
Navigate successfully as global citizens. 

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Join the fellowship of innovative Teachers & Leaders for one of our immersive, hands-on professional learning experiences that bring people together to design inquiry, project-based learning experiences and exhibitions that are real, visible and for everyone. Click the icons to learn more and participate in a workshop, cohort, experience or exhibition. The opportunities below are facilitated by the Rocky View Schools Learning Design Team with substitute release covered by the Rocky View Learning Department. Speak with your administration prior to participation.

Learning Design Cohorts

A Learning Design Cohort involves you on an immersive, hands-on professional learning journey to collaboratively design and implement an inquiry and project-based learning experience with your students. These experiences feature a community partner to support authenticity, built-in scaffolding for you to make learning visible, and exhibitions of learning to provide purpose and audience for your students. Check out the Learning Design Cohorts archive here

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Oct 9 + Oct 16
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Oct 17 + Oct 24
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Jan 20 + Mar 5 + Jun 15

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Feb 10 + Feb 28

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#ShareYourLearning with the #rvsed community through publishing, presenting and producing! Join the students, teachers and leaders who are storytelling on the RVS YouTube Channel in galleries of RockyTalks, RockyDocsLearning Stories and Student Showcase and explore our Stories page for examples, processes and tools that you can practice in your classroom. Pitch us your storytelling idea or event with a direct message today!


Learning Design Workshops

Whether it’s a new learning design, a way to foster student voice, or a change in your community, join us for a day of collaborative design to bring your idea to life. The Idea Incubator workshops help you bring your innovative ideas to life through collaborative design processes. Design Accelerators are for projects that are already in motion, but need the time and support to consider the next steps and to hit the gas! Visit the Rocky View Professional Learning Registry for the latest workshop updates and registration. 

Learning Design Supports

Contact the Learning Design Team to learn more about opportunities to support Design Thinking in your school or classroom.

Design Thinking

These sessions for Leaders employ a number of design-based strategies to generate meaningful solutions for your context. Consult the RVS PL Registry for Design Thinking Sessions for Administrators.

Staff PL Design

Collaborative design to create an action plan, prototypes and exhibition for enriching the Professional Learning of your staff. Administrators may contact the Learning Design Team to arrange a design session.

Inspired by...

Explore inspiring contexts, spaces, classrooms, schools and districts. Unpack and contextualize your experiences together through conversation. Click the icon to see the RVS PL Registry Calendar for opportunities.


Make learning visible by sharing publicly through publishing, presenting and producing. Contact us for exhibition opportunities to #ShareYourLearning.

That combination of thought and action defines creative confidence: the ability to come up with new ideas and the courage to try them out.

Tom Kelley

Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All