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Expanding the space of the possible by exploring, creating, and sharing authentic and engaging learning.

The Rocky View Instructional Design Framework. A linear process for designing learning experiences for students and professionals.

Your agenda and information destination for the Trail Blazers, Canada 150, and Architecture Challenge Design Cohorts.

Design it Yourself! Tools and agendas for starting your own design and collaborative processes.

A gallery of programs started by innovative educators with exciting ideas.  Have an idea of your own? Click the sticky!

Upcoming Events:

Public Exhibition

Teachers & Administrators Welcome

Administrators Welcome

Idea Incubator 2: Have you participated in Professional Learning or consultation sessions with members of our team? Have you had an “I Wish” thought around other ways your work could be supported or amplified? This collaborative session will help us help you. Bring your fresh idea, you wild plans, or your thematic insights around what you’d like to accomplish in your school or classroom, and help our team design and tailor our PL offerings for next year to suit your needs!  For teachers & administrators. Register in the PL Registry.

Learning Stories Workshop:  In this one-day workshop at the Rocky View Education Centre, you will use your own digital documentation of your students’ learning along with your own narration to create an iMovie to share publicly on YouTube. The workshop is dedicated to supporting you in producing a video that you can use to make learning visible in your classroom. Register through the PL registry.

About Our Team

Our team works with administrators, teachers, students, and professionals both within and outside of our jurisdiction. Our mission is to help educators design engaging learning experiences, stimulating environments, and collaborative processes that develop 21st Century Competencies in all learners. We offer both professional learning and “at-the-elbow” support to professionals in Rocky View Schools.

Contact our team to…

  • Book a Professional Learning experience for your staff or team.
  • Get support developing or bringing an innovative idea for your school or classroom to life.
  • Learn more about Instructional Design.
  • Consult with us on our Design Tools.
  • Find out how Design Thinking can support your practice as a teacher or administrator.


RVS Literacy Team

The Rocky View Literacy Team designs, collaborates, and elevates literacy teaching and learning to support success for all students.. Visit their site to learn more about their work and how they might support your practice.

Some of our learning made visible: