RVS Learning Design

The RVS Learning Services Branch of the Learning Department leads and supports Rocky View Schools in designing learning so that Innovators CAN: Connect with their passions interests and people, Achieve their potential and Navigate successfully as global citizens. 

Learning Services Team

Rocky View Schools

What Learning Looks Like in RVS

The latest episode of our Animated Series, “What Learning Looks Like in RVS” shares how the Learning Design Process lives in Rocky View Schools through design, empathy, projects and exhibitions of learning. You can engage with the entire series of animations and more stories about the evolution of learning design in Rocky View Schools on our Stories page!

Learning Design Cohorts & Workshops

Join the fellowship of innovative #rvsed teachers & leaders in Rocky View Schools for one of the immersive, collaborative, hands-on professional learning experiences that bring people together to design learning experiences and exhibitions that are real, visible and for everyone. Scroll down to learn more and participate in a workshops, cohorts, experiences and exhibitions. The latest professional learning opportunities facilitated by the RVS Learning Services Team are featured in the RVS Professional Learning Registry. The processes, frameworks and routines that we practice are featured on our Tools page and the agendas can be found in our Archives.

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Learning Design Supports & Services

Contact the Learning Services Team to learn more about opportunities to support Learning Design in your school or classroom. Consult the Rocky View Schools Professional Learning Registry for a calendar of opportunities, experiences and sessions. And visit the Tools page for the online resources that share the learning design processes, frameworks and mindsets that teachers and leaders practice in #rvsed.

Design Thinking

Employ Design Thinking strategies to generate meaningful solutions for your context. 

RVS Numeracy

Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving for applying Numeracy to all aspects of daily life. 

RVS Literacy

Design, collaborate and elevate literacy learning to support success for all students!


Make learning visible through publishing, presenting and producing with your students. 

Learning Design for Leaders

Leading Professional Learning in Rocky View Schools benefits from resources that help facilitate and support the conditions for collaboration and innovation. The Toolkit for Leaders offers a variety of resources for leading, coaching, mentoring and collaborating with colleagues. Visit our Archives to follow the RVS Professional Learning journey, login to the RVS Professional Learning Registry to see the calendar of opportunities and consult the Learning Services Team to design professional learning experiences with staff.


Learning Design Interviews

Rocky View Schools is full of Innovators who design engaging learning. As we navigated teaching and learning during #RVSedLearningFromHome, we wanted to connect with some of the teachers who are trailblazing a path forward for their students and schools. As we develop new and creative ways to support our learners, many of us discovered new tools and practices that we will likely keep well into the future. Enjoy this engaging series of interviews with RVS teachers captured on Zoom during the school closures in spring 2020. Learn more about all the projects in our Archives.

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