RVS Learning Design

RVS Learning Design is a resource for Teachers, Leaders and Professionals in Rocky View Schools to collaboratively design engaging learning experiences that bring curriculum to life. Our Professional Learning Menu offers workshops, coaching and mentoring opportunities for Teachers and Leaders in Rocky View Schools to access collaborative approaches to educational design challenges. Whether it is how to Make Learning Visible in your classroom, or how to design an eloquent School Education Plan to share with your community, The RVS Learning Design Team is committed to helping you on your journey.

Professional Learning for Teachers

Design Cohorts

Immersive, hands-on PL workshops that bring Teachers together to design engaging learning experiences that bring curriculum to life. Click below to learn more and to register for the 2017/18 Cohorts.

RVS Productions | Fall 2017
#UXRVS | Fall 2017
Maker Challenge | Winter 2018
Living Local | Spring 2018

Design Incubators

A day of collaborative design to actualize your innovative ideas about meaningful curriculum implementation. Click on the icon to learn more and register for an Incubator below:

Fall Incubator | Nov 17, 2017
Winter Incubator | Jan 19, 2018
Spring Incubator | May 11, 2018

Design Commons

Join the fellowship of innovative Teachers & Leaders to further develop your prototype for school redesign within a climate of creativity and innovation. Click the icon to learn more and see exemplars of creative prototypes in RVS. Stay tuned for upcoming Design Commons Opportunities!

Professional Learning for Leaders

Design Thinking

This workshop for Leaders employs a number of design-based strategies to generate meaningful solutions for your context. Click on the link below to register:

Collaborative Design | Oct 18, 2017

SEP Design

Develop a vision and pillars for your School Education Plan with a consultation protocol for stakeholders and a plan for implementation. Click the link below to register for the workshop:

SEP Design Workshop | Mar 6, 2018

Staff PL Design

Collaborative design to create an action plan, tools and protocols for enriching the Professional Learning of your staff. Contact a Learning Design Specialist to arrange a design session.

Making Learning Visible

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The teacher is the designer of the learning experience. The students are makers, creators and doers. Make the process of their experience visible by documenting and sharing the journey.

Dewey said “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” Design opportunities for your students to reflect deeply on their learning experiences and make them visible through journals, blogs, student-led conferences and presentations of learning.

Students who make, create and do things that matter share their work with peers, parents and the public. Design celebrations of learning and exhibitions with your students to make learning visible with high quality artifacts they are proud of. Create portfolios and storytelling as evidence of learning.