Feb 11 2020

Jelly Bean Dance

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Feb 10 2020


  • Some students have volunteered to work a shift in our fundraising canteen that will be running Tuesday and Wednesday. Money will be split equally between all volunteers. Chicken hot dogs will be selling for $4, chips will be selling for $2, and you can combine the two together for $5. Grades 1,3,5 can purchase between 11:45-12:05 and 1,4,6 can purchase from 12:05-12:25. With this being our first year running the canteen there is a possibility of running out of stock so please make sure the kids have packed a lunch just in case!
  • Division test tomorrow! Students are expected to be able to complete 3 digit by 1 digit (with decimals) using whatever strategy works for them! An example question would be 7.02 divided by 2
  • No school on Friday due to another Professional Learning day.
  • Conferences are Wednesday and Thursday evening. I have sent home a goal setting sheet for each student that must be sent back to school regardless if you are coming to conferences or not. If you come to conferences, our 10 minute conference will be focused on setting goals based on what we may see in PowerSchool. We will also be uploading these goals in Blueprint and follow up with them every 2 weeks. I have also included a space that may be checked off to request an interview for this round.

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Feb 06 2020


The kids have asked if they are allowed to bring in Valentines cards and/or treats for Thursday, February 13th and they are more than welcome. In the efforts to include everyone and not leave anyone out, I ask that you remember our nut allergies within the classroom and include ALL students vs. just friends. We will be finishing our book, “Wrinkle in Time” so they will be watching the movie at 12:30 pm and they can hand out the cards/enjoy the treats during this time!

Here is a copy of our class list:




























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Feb 05 2020

February 5

  • Students received a package for research on a planet that most likely aligned with their zodiac sign. They have received around 4 hours to work on it. About 90% of students are finished what they need to do but unfortunately, the other 10% either missed days or did not use their time appropriately. We all completed Part A together and I have asked that they finish Part B,C,D, and E by tomorrow.
  • We talked about moon phases today. Challenge your student to look at the moon every night to identify which moon phase we are currently in!
  • Students need to be practicing division questions for their test Monday. They need to be able to do 3 digit by 1 digit with decimals. For example: 3.57 divided by 2 or 45.7 divided by 7. They should be practicing concrete questions and word problems.
  • We moved into improper fractions today. After the first lesson, I did a small assessment and will put this into PowerSchool tonight so you have an idea of what can be worked on at home.
  • Conferences are next week. Please feel free to book a slot to come chat but please make sure you have been onto PowerSchool as this will give you an idea of how your kiddo is doing academically. We can talk about things you see on PowerSchool but I would also like to set some goals for the kids for the rest of the year. I will be setting a timer for the conferences to help us keep on schedule as I need to respect the person in the conference and the peoples’ time that are after. I will send home a quick survey on Friday and we can use it for the conference.
  • If your child has not handed in the Camp Chief Hector form that asks you to check a couple boxes about if they are/are not attending, please send it back A.S.A.P as it was due last Thursday. We will have the permission forms sent home by next Friday. All fees must be paid by the end of February!

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Feb 03 2020

Hangar Museum

Our field trip is tomorrow! We will be boarding the bus around 8:15 am as our program begins right at 9am. If your child is late, they risk not being able to attend the field trip. I am pretty sure the program is indoors but just in case, please pack proper shoes and clothing. Please also pack a full lunch with snacks as there will not be access to other food resources. If you have any questions, please email me before 4pm – kmendes@rockyview.ab.ca

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Jan 24 2020

January 24

Upcoming Dates:

January 24th – Bottle drive –> Please meet at the school for 8:45 if you are participating. We may have to modify the zones in the morning as some people are not attending anymore and some have joined last minute. Please post on all social media sites to promote, even if your student is not attending. As teams finish their zone for the bottle drive,  they are asked to meet the teachers at the Chestermere Bottle Drive (101-260 Marina Dr, Chestermere, AB T1X 0A). All 3 Grade 6 teachers will be there from 10am-11:00am. All funds will be split equally between the students who participated in the bottle drive.

January 30th – Camp Chief Hector forms due (Yellow sheet that came home Tuesday)

January 31 – NO SCHOOL (PL Day)

February 4th – Hangar Museum (Payments were due today)


Math: Please see PowerSchool to see how to support your students with our division unit, as well as our unit recognizing the relationship between fractions/percentages/decimals. I have taught the students long division but if you have a strategy that they use confidently, they are allowed to use whatever strategy they want to use. Lots of students are still trying to understand that they can solve division facts using multiplication. For example 72/8 = 8 x ? = 72. Students are encouraged to go to buy division flash cards to help them with their math facts.

UOI: This week we explored Athens and worked on a research project. Each student chose a God of their choice and must create a poster for them. The poster must have the Gods name, 5 facts about them, and include a summary of one of their myths. I am looking that they can retell the story in their own words instead of copying the myth word by word. We have been working on note taking to help us retell a story without plagiarizing. Most completed all of the writing and will complete the drawing at home this weekend. We talked about making it look old like an ancient scroll by using coffee/tea grounds and cutting/tearing/burning the edges.

Here is the example they were shown:

English Language Arts: We worked on note taking. We looked at a couple stories and Mrs. Czember gave them a template to follow to help them take notes. A reading at home form has gone home this week to help encourage students to read at home. They are encouraged to read non-fiction as well as fiction as I find comprehension decreases when they are asked to read non-fiction. I also sent home a sheet with things we are working on at home as many of the students need extra practice on writing.

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Jan 22 2020

Homework of January 22

We are having lots of conversations this week about using their time wisely. There is homework today because students have NOT used their time wisely and are spending class time talking to friends and fooling around.


Health Poster –> K.K, M.S, A.B (Students were absent all last week and are finishing it up)


Prometheus retell paragraph –> T.V, I.B, S.B, K.B, B.B


They brought home their UOI doutang. They are expected to watch the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_u91SjrEOE) and fill out the Retelling Organizer. After filling out the organizer they are going to use Google Drive to rewrite the story of Prometheus using the information on their retelling organizer. They are not retelling every piece of information but pulling out the most important information from the story.



Athens God/Goddess Research –> I.B, B.A, T.B, C.P, A.W, K.B


They brought home their UOI journal and will use the following websites to find a God/Goddess. There is a lot of not kid friendly websites so they have been asked to stay on these sites. They are to identify what God/Goddess they want to research and find me 5 facts about them. I am NOT looking for a story/myth/legend but facts. Facts like where their name came from, why were they known, who was their family, etc.

  1. greece.mrdonn.org/greekgods
  2. historyforkids.net/ancient-greek-gods.html
  3. hucksters.com/history/ancient_greece
  4. natgeokids.com/nz/discover/history/greece/greek-myths





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Jan 21 2020

Health Assignment

Some kiddos who missed last week are working on a health assignment and asked for me to post the requirements.


Name’s Balanced Day


  • Words, pictures, colour. 
  • I am looking for all the information and neatness. 



1. Sleep

How much should an 11 year old have?

What types of things do you need to do to make sure you have a good sleep?


2. Relax

How much do you need a day?

What types of things do you do to relax?


3.Physical activity

How much should everyone try to get everyday?

What types of activities do you do to get your heart rate up?


4. Food

What food groups are there?

How much of each food group should an 11 year old have each day?

What types of foods do you eat each day?


5. Water

How much should an 11 year old drink per day?

How do you make sure you drink lots of water? 



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Jan 17 2020

Things coming home today

  • Literacy practice with a pre assessment that will be on PowerSchool (RTR)
  • Camp Chief Hector information pack
  • Home reading package with a reading schedule

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Jan 16 2020

January 16

I hope you are all staying warm! Today was a very non-productive day as we were missing 10-16 kids at different times in the day.


A couple things:

  • Hangar Museum forms and payments are due this week! I have 5 students who have not returned the sheet and 9 students who have not paid yet. Please do so by paying in the office or by using SchoolCash online. For the students who have not returned the forms, I will be sending another form home tomorrow.
  • We are in need of 4 more volunteers between the Grade 6 classes. Without the volunteers, the Hangar Museum will not allow us to participate and it will need to be rescheduled. If you are interested in volunteering for the day, please email me at kmendes@Rockyview.ab.ca
  • The bottle drive date has been chosen. It is not mandatory but the money will only be split between the students who participate. We will be going out on February 25th at 9am-11am and we will be meeting at the school for 8:45 to give the maps and schedule for the morning. We are just finishing a form with all of the information and subsidy information for Camp Chief Hector. This can be expected at home on Friday or Monday. We are just waiting on subsidy information.

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