Nov 18 2019

A few things…

  • We will be receiving new budget cuts moving forward. We do have a small classroom budget for supplies and to help contribute to field trips but we will be asking for your help to keep from having to use our classroom budget too quickly. If you can help, awesome! If not, that is completely okay! Right now we are on the search for black permanent markers for art projects (dual tip) and lysol wipes to wipe our desks at the end of the day.
  • With budget cuts, we have also had a printer budget put into place. Students will most likely be bringing forms home on old coloured paper and practice sheets will be brought home in smaller sizes. I will be trying to put as much practice stuff on the blog to keep from having to print and send home paper copies. I am thankful for the patience and understanding we have already received with these changes.
  • An email will be sent out by tonight to the parents that have children attending our leadership conference this week.
    • Sock Donations: One of the kids goals are to collect NEW socks to donate back to the community.  If possible, please send your child with a few pairs of new socks by Friday at 9am to donate to a great cause.
  • We are having a parent information night for Camp Chief Hector tomorrow at 5:30-6pm. We have someone coming in from Camp Chief Hector and will be answering all questions about the camping trip and fundraising attached. This will be the only information night in regards to Camp Chief Hector, so please try to come. Email me if you are absolutely not able to attend.
  • Students brought home the CocoBrooks fundraiser last week. The last order will be accepted on January 7th. I will go pick the orders up on January 21 and bring all of the orders back to our school. Students have all registered themselves as a seller and every order purchased with their code, will accumulate money for that individual students camping trip.
  • All students that are attending the camping trip have made plans for the Christmas Marketplace. All work is expected to be at home but there will be check-ins done at school. We are opening it up to families, so please feel free to come by! If you have any questions, please send me an email!
  • FundScrip forms will be sent home today. This is a school wide fundraising opportunity. If you are ordering through FundScrip, you purchase gift cards for popular businesses and the school gets a small portion to help with different things.

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Nov 12 2019

Camp Chief Hector

We will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, November 19th at 5:30-6pm in the Grade 6 classrooms. The meeting will be your opportunity to ask questions and receive clarification on fundraising opportunities. Students will be coming home with the instructions on how to buy items from CocoBrooks tomorrow. They have ALL been registered as sellers.


Please try to be at this meeting as it will give you clarification of anything related to Camp Chief Hector. 

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Nov 10 2019

Fundraising + Payment plan

Students had their first meeting on Friday about fundraising for Camp Chief Hector. They will be putting on a Christmas Marketplace for our school community on December 9th, 2019 from 11-1. By November 15th, students are expected to form their groups (1-3 people), come up with a business, and give their business a name. They are asked to purchase materials on their own and make their creations on their own time. Groups will split the profit equally between the members and the amounts will be put towards their trip. Students have been asked to sell items for less than $10 and they cannot be pre-bought items unless they are combined into their own creation. For example, students cannot go to the dollar store and purchase coffee mugs to sell alone, but they can put a candy cane and a package of hot chocolate in the mug and sell it.


Some ideas the kids came up with were:

  • Popcorn bags
  • Painting
  • String Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Candy bags
  • Candy grams
  • Christmas cards
  • Cookies
  • Lemonade
  • Hot chocolate
  • Stress balls
  • Slime
  • Cupcakes
  • Pottery
  • Surprise bags
  • Rainbow loom creations
  • Knitting
  • Bath bombs
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Candles


I am asking our office team to set the payment plans up in 4 payments of $70. The trips have to be paid for before March, so payments would have to be made for November, December, January and February.  If you choose to do the payments, whatever amount the students fundraise by March, will be given back to you. Homeroom teachers will be keeping track of payments and fundraising for their own classes.


Will all of the lovely snow we receive, a few students have asked if they are allowed to shovel sidewalks to contribute to their trip. I think this is a great idea for kids to raise their own money but I ask that they give the money to the parents and the parents use it for the payments. Payments can be made online through SchoolCash, or through the office using debit/credit.


Thank you to all of our families for being patient with us as we figure out what fundraising looks like for this trip.


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Nov 03 2019

Important Dates

November 4 – Place value test. Students received a study package on Friday.

November 4 – Individual picture retakes (please bring your picture form from last session)

November 4 – Portal opens for parent teacher interviews. If you would like to come in before our interview dates, please email me. I will be blocking time off at the end of Wednesday for every parent that comes in early as I have an appt that evening.

November 6 – Decimals test. Students will receive their study package on Monday.

November 7 – Remembrance Day assembly

November 8 – Swimming forms and payments are due. Payments can be made at the office or online through School Cash.

November 9 – Rounding test. Students will receive their study package on Monday.

November 11 – Remembrance Day (NO SCHOOL)

November 13/14 – Interviews (10 minute slots) from 3:30-6:30


We are going to begin planning for our winter marketplace within the next 2 weeks. Students will be asked to purchase materials for their own business. We have had multiple conversations of selling their home made items for a price that allows them to make a profit after purchasing materials. I have also asked that the cost of making the crafts is split between everyone in their group so it is not one student purchasing the materials. If there are 3 people running the business and selling items, the profits will be split equally between the 3 of them for their outdoor school payment.


By tonight, there will be 3 more ELA marks in Power School. I will have the 3 Math, 2 PE, 1 Health, and 1 Science entered by Friday. Please make sure you have made a login and are consistently checking these as there will be no report card until June. If you have any questions about login information, please contact the office. 




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Oct 27 2019

October 25


  • Math: We worked on rounding numbers to the millions and to the thousandths. We will continue working on rounding next week and I will be giving them a final assessment for place value of whole numbers and decimals, and rounding next Monday (Nov 4)
  • Science: We started our evidence and investigation unit on Tuesday. The students came into a crime scene where someone within our school broke in and stole a laptop. Our next steps will be looking at the evidence that was left at the crime scene. Calgary Police has an interpretive centre for the evidence and investigation unit if you and your child would be interested in going on your own time. Click here to see the website.
  • Who We Are UOI: We spent the week completing our timelines. They had 6-7 hours to work on their timeline and their script for their presentation. If they did finish, they were asked to finish the project at home over the weekend. We are working on following due dates and the consequences of not using class time wisely. It is not fair for the students who worked hard during class time and if they do not finish it/have it by tomorrow, they will be asked to complete it at home and record themselves/share the video with me. I communicated to them I am only marking the ability to follow the instructions (Pick 8-10 events in your life who shaped/impacted positively/negatively who we see today), and their presentation skills. They were encouraged to practice their script at home to help their confidence in presenting in front of the class. I went over their scripts and gave feedback if they were finished by 1pm on Friday but if they did not finish, they were asked to show it to their parents to ensure they could tell me why each picture shaped them into a different person. For example, my parents divorced when I was 8. I would be a completely different person today if this event did not happen to me. I pushed the students outside of their comfort zone of picking things they liked or they chose just because and asked them to be able to explain why it was important and what types of life skills or lessons they learnt from it.


  • We are starting the murder podcast this week and I am still missing a handful of forms. If you are not comfortable with your student partaking in the podcast listed on the form I sent home on Monday, please email me!
  • I am still missing a few swimming forms with payments. There will be another form coming home mid-November so I can tell the instructors swimming ability and medical concerns.
  • Scholastic forms have been sent home. If you order $30 online through our classroom, you receive a free choice of book through Scholastic. I will place the order on Thursday, October 31.


  • Students are encouraged to dress up for Halloween on Thursday. Our school policy for Halloween allows students to dress up but there is NO blood, weapons, or otherwise inappropriate costumes. Students are more than welcome to bring in snacks/treats for the last hour of the day but no nuts please as we do have severe allergies to them in our classroom.

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Oct 21 2019


Students will be bringing home a timeline this evening. It should take them 5-10 minutes and it needs to be completed for tomorrow. It is just a rough copy so it does not have to be perfect, nor does it have to be colored. I am looking for them to have 10 things that have shaped them into who they are today. For each event, they need a year, a short sentence describing it, and a picture. For their good copy, they have been asked to bring in poster board and pictures. Dollarama sells white and black poster board for 2/$1 or they can bring in whatever colour if you have some at home. It would be awesome if the poster board is here for tomorrow but the photos can trickle in through the rest of the week. They are allowed to draw their own photos but actual photographs of things on their timelines have more of an impact for their presentations. For this assignment, they will be marked on the effort they put into the timeline and their presentation skills. For their presentation, it would be beneficial for them to have conversations at home on how each of these events have shaped them into who they are and how if they didn’t have that event, they might not be the same person today.


My apologies for the late notice for the poster board.

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Oct 17 2019

October 17

I am away tomorrow but the kids have the most amazing teacher in with them. Please remind them to be kind to her as we are working on being kind and respectful to people who come into our classroom and school.


  • Swimming forms have gone home. It works out to $22.55 and is payable on school cash or at the office using credit/debit. Our swimming dates are set for December 3-6. 
  • Camp Chief Hector is a go! We have started looking at fundraising using Coco Brooks, Kernels, A Christmas Marketplace, selling hot dogs at lunch on Fridays, and selling candy grams. Students have asked if they can shovel sidewalks or do their own bottle drive to help with costs and we are looking at making them a letter with the school’s approval to show to people in the community. If they raise money at home, they can bring it into us and we will keep track of the funds.


  • Students will be encouraged to bring their health flashcards home this weekend to practice their reproductive systems. We chose to do flashcards to work on studying strategies for PAT’s. I will be “testing” their vocabulary knowledge on Monday.


  • I am running the intramurals team alongside Mrs. Wambura in Grade 4. We are starting with basketball and teams have been submitted as of today. They will receive a schedule in our hallway and they will play either Wednesdays or Thursdays during lunch time. We made an essential agreement and 5 rules we are following during the game time. There will be absolutely no breaking the agreement and/or rules and if there is, the student will not have access to intramurals. Please ask your kiddo if they joined intramurals, If they did,  please remind them they must be kind to everyone regardless of skill level, play for fun, and absolutely no contact. At the end of this round of intramurals, we will have the kids play a round-robin style game in front of our school. I will send an invite out to our parents through the blog when that time comes.

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Oct 10 2019

October 10

No School tomorrow or Monday. Happy Thanksgiving! 


  • We have been learning about place value up to billions and down to the thousandths decimal place. Another comment will be put into PowerSchool (RTR) this weekend with the update on where they are at with decimal places. Please have your child practice this at home!
  • With our first UOI, the students are being challenged with a lot of writing tasks. We are working on punctuation, capital letters, editing our work, following a checklist, and formatting our writing. I will have marks/comments into PowerSchool this weekend for writing so please check it out and have a conversation with your child about the Amal Hands project.
  • For RTR, I am focusing on putting in comments for activities in September/October as it allows the students to work on it at school and home and set goals. Please click on the subject and assignment to see the comments.


  • Swimming forms have gone home. It works out to $22.55 and is payable on school cash or at the office using credit/debit. Our swimming dates are set for December 3-6. 
  • Camp Chief Hector is a go! We will start looking at fundraising A.S.A.P to alleviate the costs to our families

Our Classroom

  • Unfortunately, cellphones, gum, and pokemon/yugi-oh cards have been banned from our school completely. We are trying to stress to the kids that we are trying to give them responsibilities but some kids (and different kids for each event) have ruined it for all. They are allowed to have their cellphones in their backpacks and make phone calls/text after second bell when they get outside. If cellphones or cards are seen out, the items will be sent to our administration and parents/guardians will have to pick them up from them.

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Oct 08 2019

Ignite Night (A night to learn about the PYP)

A note from our PYP coordinator:

“I am hopeful that many of you will be joining us at the PYP (Primary Years Program) Ignite and Meet the Teacher event taking place on October 9th from 5:30 – 7:30.  Join us for a chicken dog and drink (one free for students, $2 for parents/guardians).  The BBQ will be followed by a short presentation in the gym beginning at 6:00.  The PYP Ignite Session will be a fantastic way to learn about the IB (International Baccalaureate) PYP program that makes our school such an amazing place to be a learner.  The session in the gym will be followed by time for families to move about the school, visiting their child’s learning spaces and gaining insight into what important things are happening around our school.  After the PYP presentation in the gym, I will be setting up in the Learning Commons to support any families still working to get signed into PowerSchool.”


*Students must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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Oct 02 2019

Reminders – October 2

  • Picture day is tomorrow!
  • Bring your Terry Fox forms back to school for the run on Friday!
  • Bring a toonie (or multiple) to donate for the Terry Fox Run.

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