Trip Interary

Students are engaged in a wide variety of activities.  They will be white water rafting the Tongariro River , sea kayaking on lake Taupo, surfing at Mojo surf camp, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, and caving with the glowworms.  The group takes part in an alpine crossing on the Tongariro, over night hikes in the Blue Mountains, and the Great Ocean road.  Their is lessons on how to surf, cultural shows and meals.


The students get to experience so amazing places in Australia and New Zealand.  Check out so of the images that were captured.

Trip Videos

There are several videos that highlight that trip and give you a good second hand account of what they got the amazing opportunity to take part in.


The students have a busy till preparing for the trip.  This page takes you to a Google calendar of there daily events


Global Encounters is a high school program that is designed to create leaders of tomorrow. It takes students out of their comfort zones and engages them in the real world.  By focusing on leadership and ownership students take part in experiential learning...

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We have spent two full days in the Grampians.   Yesterday we started with a morning hike after a breakfast of pancakes and fruit. The kids have been eating a lot. They have been enjoying the meals. We added in some meals that take longer to make, and more variety but...

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Day 3 The plan was to leave camp at 9:30 am, however we pulled out at 9 am since a lot of the group got up between 4-6 am. Packing and cleaning went smoothly, we stopped in Benidgo to do our grocery shopping. Halls gap is a small Center, and so got groceries for the...

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Mining for gold

Day 2 Last night was an early night. The last standing awake said good night at 7:45 pm. We had kids falling asleep sitting up right in chairs. Before we left I told the group they would be in bed at 8 p m and up at 5 am. The all laughed and said they would never go...

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The adventure begins

Day 1 I'm sitting on the long haul flight from Los Angles to Melbourne. It's been 24 hours since everyone left for the airport, and we still have another 10-12 hours of travel. The long haul flight is just under 16 hours in the air. I can only imagine how excited and...

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Single Digits

The countdown moved into single digits this week, as of Friday, it is 6 days until we get on the plane. This week the class spent a lot of time prepping for the trip. We learnt about Leave No Trace principles (  These include packing out what you pack...

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