Trip Interary

Students are engaged in a wide variety of activities.  They will be white water rafting the Tongariro River , sea kayaking on lake Taupo, surfing at Mojo surf camp, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, and caving with the glowworms.  The group takes part in an alpine crossing on the Tongariro, over night hikes in the Blue Mountains, and the Great Ocean road.  Their is lessons on how to surf, cultural shows and meals.


The students get to experience so amazing places in Australia and New Zealand.  Check out so of the images that were captured.

Trip Videos

There are several videos that highlight that trip and give you a good second hand account of what they got the amazing opportunity to take part in.


The students have a busy till preparing for the trip.  This page takes you to a Google calendar of there daily events


Global Encounters is a high school program that is designed to create leaders of tomorrow. It takes students out of their comfort zones and engages them in the real world.  By focusing on leadership and ownership students take part in experiential learning...

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The blue mountains

The Blue Mountains is a temperate rain forest that is located a 2 and a 1/2 hour train ride from Sydney. As we arrived in Katoomba the kids were sure they heard next stop Katoomba. We quickly loaded the bags up, and got off at the next stop.  We were on the bottom...

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Sailing, Jirralinga, and the flight

We arrived at the Royal Geelong Yacht club to do our sailing lessons. The group started by doing classroom learning to get a basic understanding of parts of the boat, and how to saili. on ce learning what a boom, bow, and a jib where they headed out to set up the...

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The group was on the bus for 8 am  to head into Melbourne for the day. The drive was an hour and a half to get down to the Vic markets.  The Vic markets have 600 different vendors selling clothes, trinkets, food, etc. It is a giant Bizhar. The kids went shopping for...

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The group pulled into Forrest late (by our standards), it was dark and wet. The kids tossed up their tents and got to making dinners.  Tonight was a left overs evening. We grilled up the frozen chicken, burgers, and made quadillias. There was lots of veggies. We had...

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GOR and the 12 Apostles

GOR and the 12 Apostles This morning we packed up camp and left the Grampians. It was a 6:30 am wake up to be ready to leave for 9 am. The drive from the Grampians to the Great Ocean Road took us 3 hours. We started our hike at 12:30 from Princeton car park. The hike...

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