Outdoor Ed

Outdoor Ed


The grade 9's where climbing at the Crux today, and they had a good time.  Pictures to come. The climbing session starts with a review of the double figure 8 knot, climbing commands, checks, as well as their belaying skills.  After they had those masters they headed...

Nakiska Trip

This week I took 2 groups to Nakiska, and both groups had a good time.  Weather was perfect, which worked out well after having to postpone the grade 9 trip due to extremely cold temps. Conditions where packed groomed, sun both days making for spring like conditions....


The 20/30's wrapped up there first module.  It took longer then expected.  Here is an example of one of the projects.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0ZUVI_JcBA&list=UUVgt17A9hfS_AV6lizqA63Q

Grade 9 Nakiska

I am monitor the weather for Monday. Will be talking with Nakiska on Friday to make a decision on if we go or not.  With a high of -13C it looks like a go.

Where we stand this week.

The Grade 9's presented their creative game this week.  The 10's also presented their projects they designed on their creative blog.  Their was some unique ideas about the resorts of there dreams.  You can ask them to show them to you, they have access from home. The...

Nakiska date change for OE 15, 25, 35

The date has been changed for the trip to Nakiska for the grade 10, 11, 12's.  The reason behind the change is due to the large number of students that will be coming on the trip.  The new date is March 11. Grade 9's will still be going on March 3.  There was 58...