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As a class, we have been looking at what makes a community including the wants, needs and values of individuals and as a whole. We will also be looking at communities in the past and how they have changed over time. I have an idea about possibly interviewing some elderly people who have actually been a part of and witnessed those changes, so I am throwing this out there to see if there are any grandparents, great aunts or uncles who would be able and willing to come to our class for the kids to interview and talk to. I have not nailed down exactly how this would go or the time/date, but to start off with I thought I would get an idea for who might be interested and general numbers.



May/June Newsletter

Please carefully read the attached newsletter. It was sent home today via email as well.



For an activity that we are going to do next week, parents, could you please send a photograph of the front of your house with your child on Monday or Tuesday (in the front pocket of their agenda might be the safest!). If you would rather, you can take a picture of your house on your phone and email it to me at



Community of Airdrie

We have been looking and talking lots about the wants/needs/values of communities and how they may be similar or different. Next week we are going to get a little more specific and actually look at the community of Airdrie: how is it organized? What do we have in Airdrie? Why are those important or not important to have? Where are certain things located and why?

Challenge: go on a tour of your house or even your neighbourhood (or even the town of Airdrie if you’re really getting into it!). What do you see? What places/businesses are needed? Which ones are wants? Which ones do you and your family value? Why do you think they are put where they are? 

Alphabetical Order

We have talked about this a while ago, and it is also one of the Word Work options in the tic-tac-toe board that the students use in class, but we are reviewing and taking this to the next level….

Welcome to the DICTIONARY!!! (and thesaurus too)

The kids needed to find the word and definitions for 5 words, and write them in alphabetical order in their Daily 5 books. It was cool to see them read and learn the definition to a new word… especially one they actually knew, but didn’t know what it was called! (ex. Keaton finally learning what exactly a futon was haha!)

Challenge: If you have a dictionary or thesaurus at home, try looking at it together and seeing what new words you can find…. or even test yourself by having your mom or dad give you some words and practice finding them in alphabetical order! 

Titanic and Morse Code

As we begin looking at communities in the past and how communities are made/organized, we are looking at the Titanic as it was the anniversary on April 15! Over the last few days, we looked at some photographs and paintings of the Titanic, and today we got to try writing in morse code! Check out the pictures, video and morse code and see if you can create some secret messages too!

Download (PPT, 2MB)

Outdoor School (from yesterday)

To celebrate the GLORIOUS (catch my use of the suffix -ous???? how clever haha) weather, we spent part of the day outside doing Daily 5 and art! Here are a couple pictures from our time… we had such a good time and got a solid dose of vitamin D!

These particular pictures are when we were doing a our Steam Art, where I poured a puddle of water on their page and they drew circles around the edge, outlining the puddle. Then as the water “steamed” or evaporated, we would draw new lines to record the process. I think next time we might have to actually do it indoors by a window throughout the day rather than outside in the heat as it evaporated much quicker!
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Spelling: suffix “-ous”

Please note that the spelling “show what you know” will be NEXT Friday, April 29th.
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Attributes Competition!

We have been learning about 2D shapes and what attributes are. We have played some games sorting everyone into different groups according to various attributes (or characteristics) and today we turned things up a bit into a healthy competition! The kids were split into 3 groups and had to work together to sort their pile of shapes according to different attributes. The trick was, once an attribute was used, that counted as a point for the team and it couldn’t be used again…. making things tricky!! Team 2 took first place, with a tight tie between team 1 and 3!

Through this math competition, we also had a great side opportunity to talk about the secret ingredients as to why team 2 won. At first the kids were saying the group won “because they had all the brains”. But in fact, everyone has the same size of brain… it’s just how we use it! Group 2 did an excellent job at communicating, sharing ideas, a couple people taking a leadership role in directing the group (without being bossy), encouraging each other and listening, and taking risks by trying things even if they didn’t work out the first time. The other groups were often arguing, fighting over who should be the leader instead of working together to lead a group, just sitting and not participating at all, or maybe even a little nervous to share their ideas (which I totally get as that used to be me!). It was a great conversation and I hope that some of it sunk in… we have an amazing group of kids each with their own unique personalities that I hope will continue to grow in confidence and put their best effort in, even if it is a bit scary at first or doesn’t work 🙂 Definitely a good conversation to even continue at home!
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Talking about needs, wants and values…

Today we started talking about water (which will be further connected in our liquids unit) and how important it is for us… and really everything! Check out the video about the water crisis:

This then furthered the conversation into talking about needs and values. Next we looked at pictures of where children sleep around the world (although it also showed their possessions too). It was very eye-opening to see the differences around the world compared to us… even kids the same age! Check out the pictures:

After looking at these pictures and talking about what we observed, we noticed that the kids who had the most “stuff” were primarily from Japan and the USA. It was also interesting because when those particular pictures showed up, the kids automatically started commenting on how spoiled that child was… which then lead to another angle on the whole conversation about needs/wants/values…. what is it that truly makes us happy? How is it that there are people around the world who literally have NOTHING and yet are joyful? How is it that there are people who have so much money, can buy whatever they want when they want it, can go on amazing vacations, and yet are incredibly sad, lonely, unhappy people? Check out the ideas below shared in class about what makes each of the kids happy… it was very interesting! I wonder how those ideas connect back to needs/wants/values….??

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