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Typing Games

The last couple Fridays, the kids have been practicing typing using Home Row on a keyboard. Some of them are doing amazing, and even try to use Home Row when typing on their blog! Check out a website that helps teach the initial keyboarding skills in the Helpful Websites through the Ralph McCall website (under […]

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Celebration of Learning – March 24 & 26

Dear Parents and/or Guardians, Parent/Teacher Interviews at Ralph McCall are ‘teacher-requested’ for this term and will be held from 4:00- 5:00 pm on Mar. 24 & 26, after which “Celebrations of Learning” for all students will run from 5:00-7:00pm. Further details regarding the format of the Celebration of Learning for 2P will be provided as […]

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2P joins the Twitter World!

At Teachers Convention this last week, I went to a session with a teacher who had created a twitter account for her class. Through twitter, she has been able to connect with other students and classes all around the world! I thought this might be a cool and new tool to use to connect with […]

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Kid Wonders about Magnets

Yesterday the students wrote down everything they knew about magnets and the wonders or questions they want to know about magnets. Here are just a few that the kids came up with: ~ do magnets work under water? ~ Do they destroy each other? ~ When were magnets invented? ~ Where do magnets work? ~ […]

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