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As a class, we have been looking at what makes a community including the wants, needs and values of individuals and as a whole. We will also be looking at communities in the past and how they have changed over time. I have an idea about possibly interviewing some elderly people who have actually been a part of and witnessed those changes, so I am throwing this out there to see if there are any grandparents, great aunts or uncles who would be able and willing to come to our class for the kids to interview and talk to. I have not nailed down exactly how this would go or the time/date, but to start off with I thought I would get an idea for who might be interested and general numbers.



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  1.   Sophie on May 4th, 2016          Reply

    My Grandma would be happy to come in to the class for an “interview”

  2.   Cassie on May 5th, 2016          Reply

    My grandma and grandpa might be visiting at the end of May. My grandma could come for an interview.

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