Community of Airdrie

We have been looking and talking lots about the wants/needs/values of communities and how they may be similar or different. Next week we are going to get a little more specific and actually look at the community of Airdrie: how is it organized? What do we have in Airdrie? Why are those important or not important to have? Where are certain things located and why?

Challenge: go on a tour of your house or even your neighbourhood (or even the town of Airdrie if you’re really getting into it!). What do you see? What places/businesses are needed? Which ones are wants? Which ones do you and your family value? Why do you think they are put where they are? 

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  1.   Cassie on April 29th, 2016          Reply

    NEEDS in my neighbourhood:
    Houses, Ralph McCall School, Sobeyes

    WANTS in my neighbourhood:
    Soccer fields, lake, Good Earth coffee shop

  2.   Keaton on May 1st, 2016          Reply

    Needs- More trees, educational buildings.

    Want- Flying Squirrel.

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