Alphabetical Order

We have talked about this a while ago, and it is also one of the Word Work options in the tic-tac-toe board that the students use in class, but we are reviewing and taking this to the next level….

Welcome to the DICTIONARY!!! (and thesaurus too)

The kids needed to find the word and definitions for 5 words, and write them in alphabetical order in their Daily 5 books. It was cool to see them read and learn the definition to a new word… especially one they actually knew, but didn’t know what it was called! (ex. Keaton finally learning what exactly a futon was haha!)

Challenge: If you have a dictionary or thesaurus at home, try looking at it together and seeing what new words you can find…. or even test yourself by having your mom or dad give you some words and practice finding them in alphabetical order! 

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  1.   Keaton on April 25th, 2016          Reply

    Geometry = figures

  2.   Cassie on April 25th, 2016          Reply

    hack – to hack something is to chop or cut it roughly

    hacker – someone who uses a computer to get access to a company’s or government’s computer system without permission.

  3.   Sophie on April 27th, 2016          Reply

    insomnia – the inability to fall asleep

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