Outdoor School (from yesterday)

To celebrate the GLORIOUS (catch my use of the suffix -ous???? how clever haha) weather, we spent part of the day outside doing Daily 5 and art! Here are a couple pictures from our time… we had such a good time and got a solid dose of vitamin D!

These particular pictures are when we were doing a our Steam Art, where I poured a puddle of water on their page and they drew circles around the edge, outlining the puddle. Then as the water “steamed” or evaporated, we would draw new lines to record the process. I think next time we might have to actually do it indoors by a window throughout the day rather than outside in the heat as it evaporated much quicker!
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  1.   Keaton on April 21st, 2016          Reply

    What a great idea! Love my boy Keaton chillin and reading in the sun! Thanks!

  2.   kayla on April 21st, 2016          Reply

    Yesterday was so fun.I was sweting so much.when I got on the bus it was even hoter thanks for brining us out!!!!!!

  3.   Cassie on April 21st, 2016          Reply

    I had fun outside. It was fun. (:

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