Talking about needs, wants and values…

Today we started talking about water (which will be further connected in our liquids unit) and how important it is for us… and really everything! Check out the video about the water crisis:

This then furthered the conversation into talking about needs and values. Next we looked at pictures of where children sleep around the world (although it also showed their possessions too). It was very eye-opening to see the differences around the world compared to us… even kids the same age! Check out the pictures:

After looking at these pictures and talking about what we observed, we noticed that the kids who had the most “stuff” were primarily from Japan and the USA. It was also interesting because when those particular pictures showed up, the kids automatically started commenting on how spoiled that child was… which then lead to another angle on the whole conversation about needs/wants/values…. what is it that truly makes us happy? How is it that there are people around the world who literally have NOTHING and yet are joyful? How is it that there are people who have so much money, can buy whatever they want when they want it, can go on amazing vacations, and yet are incredibly sad, lonely, unhappy people? Check out the ideas below shared in class about what makes each of the kids happy… it was very interesting! I wonder how those ideas connect back to needs/wants/values….??

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