Prefixes and Suffixes – ‘pre-‘ and ‘-er’

After spending a lot of time on spelling rules, we are now starting to take our writing a to a new level, leading us to breaking down words to understand what they mean and where they come from. Words are so interesting when you really stop and look at them! Today we started this off by talking about prefixes and suffixes. Then we commenced are regular word hunt to find words that start with ‘pre-‘ and words that end with ‘-er’. The picture below just doesn’t do the kids justice…. it was COMPLETELY silent in here as they were all voraciously looking for words and writing them on the board!

We briefly talked about it in class, but I found a website that gives the history behind root words: what they mean, where they likely came from, and how the use of the word has changed over time. Very interesting!

Challenge: with your parents, click on the link and find out the meaning of some words! Post your discoveries in a comment below 🙂 
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  1.   Keaton on April 5th, 2016          Reply

    Jamieson means short thick-set person
    Puzzles means perplexing questions

  2.   Cassie on April 5th, 2016          Reply

    I found that minion means a favorite; a darling; a low dependent; one who pleases rather than benefits

    (i love minions) 🙂

  3.   Ella on April 5th, 2016          Reply

    House – old English “Hus”. A dwelling or building designed to be used as a residence.

    Ella – short version of the name Eleanor

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