Wants and Needs

Over the next little bit, we are going to start really looking at the wants and needs of both individuals as well as communities. Over the weekend, talk with your parents about what is a need? What is a want? Or the challenge, what does it mean to value something?

Challenge: What are some needs for you and your family? What are some wants? What are some things that you value? 

You can share your ideas in a comment below and tell us about them next week!

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  1.   Keaton on April 4th, 2016          Reply

    NeedsHouse, healthy food, fresh air and clean water.
    Wants a trampoline and video games
    Value time with my family and Nana and Papa.

  2.   Cassie on April 4th, 2016          Reply

    I need my mom. I need my dad. I need water and food. I need a house.
    I want to play hockey.
    I value my grandma and grandpa. I value the time we had with our dog Raffi.

  3.   Ameesha on April 6th, 2016          Reply

    I want to play soccer and do cheerleading. I also want electronic gadgets.

    I need food, sleep, clothing, shelter, water, education, family and I value my time with my cousins in Vancouver. I value my vacation time with my grandparents.

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