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On Thursday during our Professional Learning day, I went to a session to learn about literacy. Miriam Trehearne, the speaker, mentioned something very interesting: no matter if someone can’t read or write, everyone has oral language or can communicate in some way. However, in our world and communities right now in an age of texting, emails and social media, we have begun to lose the “art” of meaningful conversations. And not only that, but actual have and use vocabulary, which in turn affects our ability to ask meaningful questions and communicate effectively.

In 2P, every Friday and Monday morning, we have an opportunity to share what makes us happy. Also since we are starting to really look at what makes a community, I thought it would be a good idea to start to learn and practice the art of participating in a conversation. So today, the kids went into small groups and asked each other questions about their weekend. When they came back to the front, they had to share something they learned about someone else. I loved walking around and hearing them just simply talk to each other!
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  1.   Keaton on March 29th, 2016          Reply

    Wow great idea!

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