What’s different in our class??

After school today I spent a few hours cleaning, purging and reorganizing the class! Nice to be fresh and clean 😊

Challenge: how many things do you see that are different than when you left school today?

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  1.   Katia on March 6th, 2016          Reply

    The desks are moved around and the bench has moved.

  2.   Kayla on March 6th, 2016          Reply

    the deks are moovd .And the cabnit is moovd.Also the red bench is in a difrint place.Also the white jwour is moovd. you stack the chars in a difrint plac. It is very difrint now.whare we put our art journal it is moovd.you moovd a cabnit by the blinds.the lamp is moovd.the white bucket of carpits is moovd.

  3.   Keaton on March 6th, 2016          Reply

    The benches and chairs and some desks moved. You moved the cupboards and pictures moved too.

  4.   Cassie on March 7th, 2016          Reply

    The bookshelf is missing, the red bench and the carpet bucket is moved, the desks changed spots, the chairs were stacked messy. And MAYBE my name tag might be on my desk, but that is just a guess 🙂

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