Spelling Rule – i before e, except after c

This week, we talked about the new spelling rule “i before e, except after c”. To switch things up a bit, the kids need to explore their house like we would do at school in our class, for words that fit the spelling rule. For this week, there will have to be 2 words lists: words with “-ie-” and words with “-cei-“.

i before e spelling rule - tshirt picture

Watch the video to help remember the rule!!

Challenge: find words that follow the 2nd part of the rule that was mentioned in the video; words that have ‘ei’ without c before it, like neighbour or weighLeave a comment below with some words that you can find around your house that follow this rule! 

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  1.   Jesse on February 26th, 2016          Reply

    My mom left a receipt on the counter and we have a sleigh that holds my board games.

  2.   Keaton on February 26th, 2016          Reply

    Justin Bieber CD
    Jamieson on my Agenda
    Believe title of CD
    Mienfoo Pokemon card

    Deion Pokemon
    Book with the word Reimagined on it
    Book by Author Andy Weir

  3.   Katia on February 26th, 2016          Reply

    The vein in my hand.
    The reins on my Lego Friends horses.
    My Mom’s veil from her wedding day.

  4.   Danica on February 26th, 2016          Reply

    Ceiling and eight

  5.   Ameesha on February 26th, 2016          Reply

    1. Piece of candy
    2. receipt

  6.   Ryan on March 1st, 2016          Reply

    Eight, weight, neighbour

  7.   Cassie on March 4th, 2016          Reply

    My dad lifts weights, I am eight years old, Santa has a sleigh, in ten years I will be eighteen, my grandpa is eighty, my friend’s name is Reid.

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