100 Day

After a long haul, we have FINALLY reached the 100th day of school! We had a few ladies suddenly age 97 years overnight and arrived at school 100 years old!!! Thank you to Abigail’s mom for sending 100 cookies for the kids too!

We also played the game “Would you rather”, 100th day special edition. Here are a few of the “would you rathers” the kids came up with:

~ jump on Abigail or Romeo 100 times (hmmmmm….????)
~ have 100 pugs or 100 pigs?
~ have 100 metal water bottles thrown at your head or have yourself shredded into 100 pieces (again…. hmmmmm…..??? say what????)
~ eat 100 bites of Mrs. Plett or 100 bites of Ms. Michie? (these children have lost their minds!!)
~ play video games for 100 days or have 100 Marias?? (because Maria is so fun and silly!)
~ die for 100 years or have a birthday party for 100 years? (I feel like this one is obvious…)
~ have 100 lego sets or 100 dollars?
~ eat 100 raw fish or eat 100 pieces of whale blubber?
~ have 100 pieces of candy or 100 bowls of ice cream?
~ have 100 noses or 100 eyeballs?
~ spend 100 days in jail or 100 days locked in a basement?
~ eat candy for 100 days or have a sugar-rush for 100 days?
~ be trapped in a room with 100 scorpions or 100 spiders?
~ have a broken ankle or a broken arm?
~ read 100 comic books or 100 picture books?
~ have 100 barbies or 100 hot wheels?
~ spend 100 days with Batman or 100 days with Superman?
~ fall down 100 times ice skating or fall down 100 times snowboarding?
~ fly in an airplane for 100 days or drive in a car for 100 days?
~ smell 100 disgusting shoes or 100 smelly socks?
~ eat 100 brussel sprouts or 100 pieces of asparagus?
~ have 100 cell phones or 100 computers?

Check out the 100 day video we watched too! https://vimeo.com/109456096

Cassie and Sophie - old ladies Little Old Ladies Old Ladies Talking

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