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As I unfortunately don’t have a leveled library for our class and all the books that we have our my personal books (which I don’t want to send home to the “black hole of books”!!!), Ms. Michie and I started brainstorming ideas to get the kids more motivated to read at home! We have talked TONS all year about what a Good Fit Book is (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/3d/5a/cf/3d5acfb4fc2d5d2e0a950be763ec35d1.jpghttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/fa/23/c6/fa23c64e937c895c88724bd4426714fd.jpg ) and so the students should be choosing books that are a Good Fit for them. If they’re too easy, it won’t help them grow!! Their school library books can be changed every day (not just on the scheduled Thursday block), but I would also encourage you all to go to the Airdrie Public Library and find books, or even bookstores, used book stores, books from all over the place!! READ READ READ!!!

When the kids have finished a book, they need to write the title of the book, the author, and their parents initials to turn in to me in order to get their Book Recommendation card. Once they have completed 15 cards, they will get a free pizza coupon! When they have read 50 books (and completed their cards), they can get their own bookmark. When the class has reached 300 books read, we will have a PIZZA PARTY!!


Book Recommendation Card - peach chevron

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  1.   Keaton on February 1st, 2016          Reply

    Such a great idea. Keaton teacher had something like this last year and it helped motivate Keaton. When he got his pizza coupon we would buy him a new book of his choosing!

  2.   Caden on February 2nd, 2016          Reply

    Do the parents need to print off these cards? Or does he bring it home from school? Does this start Jan. 29th?

  3.   Jordan on February 2nd, 2016          Reply

    We are taking this challenge seriously! I am gathering as many books as I can find at Jordans level!

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