Prairies – Natural Resources – Jobs

As you know, we have been talking LOTS about natural resources. Today, we explored Google maps in the prairies to see what the physical geography (landscape) looks like, what natural resources we saw in those pictures, but then the next step; what jobs come from those natural resources. Check out the mindmap below to see the natural resources we saw, what we use them for, and then what jobs come from them.

Challenge: Talk to your parents and if they have a job that is directly connected with a natural resource found in the prairies, post it in a comment below! 

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  1.   Cassie on January 26th, 2016          Reply

    My dad’s job is to build the roads and organize the equipment to get natural gas out of the earth so we can use it to heat our homes.

  2.   Keaton on January 27th, 2016          Reply

    My dad works at a car dealership which use gas and oil to work.

  3.   Jesse on January 28th, 2016          Reply

    My Dad works in the oil patch. He is a safety guy but he has worked in oil & gas since he was a teenager. He has worked on the drilling rigs and in well testing. With all his experience, he now is able to help workers stay safe in this sometimes dangerous industry.

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