Magnet Exploration

Today we had an AWESOME time exploring magnets and all that they can do! We even went so far to paint using magnets! Check out the video and pictures from our adventures today.

Challenge: tell your parents about your different discoveries about magnets or things you found interesting. Post some of your ideas or even some wonders/questions you might have now!

Magnet Exploration Centres and Art.mp4

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  1.   Keaton on January 15th, 2016          Reply

    Does it stick other metals or just iron, Nickle and cobalt. Will toys with magnets stick to other toys with magnets!

  2.   Ella on January 15th, 2016          Reply

    I found it interesting that on every magnet there is north and south pole. I also found it neat that the magnets can work through 3 books! Also if you dip a magnet in a paper clip box it grabs on to lots of paper clips at one time.

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