C – Comprehension

Today we started looking at the CAFE Menu from the Daily 5 program; comprehension – “I understand what I’m reading.” We looked at a number of different strategies that the kids can use at school and at home!

  • Do a picture walk – look at all the pictures in the story before starting to read to see what they can tell you
  • Ask yourself “what did I just read”? – If you can’t remember the whole page or even a paragraph, back up and reread!
  • Skippy Frog – If you get stuck on a word that you don’t know what it means, skip it and read the rest of the sentence to see if it gives you any clues!
  • Make predictions – Ask yourself ¬†“what you think might happen next?”
  • Details – Stop and think about the details: characters, setting, main problem, etc.

Try some of these regularly when you are reading at home to continue to get better at comprehension!

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