As we are so lucky to have a guest speaker with us on Thursday talking about bats (and even bringing one to show us!), we started off to build up some information and learn a little bit before she comes. To do that, we read the story, “Stellaluna” Afterwards, we brainstormed all the different things that we already know about bats from prior knowledge or books, as well as from the story.

Your challenge tonight is to write down in a comment all the questions or wonders you have about bats. Some were shared and are in the brainstorming list below, but I wonder what else you wonder?? Remember, when we wonder, that is is how we learn new things! 
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  1.   Sophie Forsyth on November 3rd, 2015          Reply

    In the sun does their skin get burnt?
    Why do their eyes glow in the dark?

  2.   Katia on November 3rd, 2015          Reply

    I wonder why bat’s sleep in the day ?

  3.   Ella on November 3rd, 2015          Reply

    Can bats smell things better than people?

    Why do bats come out at night instead of the daytime?

    Do bats hibernate in the winter?

  4.   Abigail on November 3rd, 2015          Reply

    Some bats are fruit bats.
    Do bats know how to fly when they are first born?

  5.   Keaton on November 3rd, 2015          Reply

    How do you tell the difference between a female bat and a male bat

    Why are they afraid of light

    When was the first bat discovered

  6.   Jesse on November 3rd, 2015          Reply

    Why do bats have fur?
    Why do bats eat bugs?

  7.   Kayla on November 3rd, 2015          Reply

    I wonder if bats swimm

  8.   Teagan on November 4th, 2015          Reply

    I wonder if they can burn in the sun?
    I wonder if they can be awake in the morning?
    I wonder if bats are scared of people or do they attack people?
    I wonder if bats make loud noises?

  9.   danica on November 6th, 2015          Reply

    Can bats burn in the sun?
    How do bats hang upside down?
    Can a bat catch a cold?
    Why do bats like the dark?

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